Life Experience Degrees: Are They For Real?

You want to earn a college degree but the course that you want is not being offered in the schools near your residence. The degree that you have in mind can only be obtained from a university that charges a kings ransom in tuition and other fees. To earn that particular degree, you will have to relocate or travel long distance regularly. You have to pay the movers, rent a place to stay and many other things that when added up will cost a fortune. There are just too many things to consider in order for you to obtain the degree you want.

Buying an online degree leaves a bad taste on most people's mouth. It does not sound good and does not seem right. Most of them would rather study near their place, take whatever degree is available that takes their fancy; attend their boring classes wasting their time and money. A life experience degree is an alternative that can lead you to a career path and worthwhile professions. It lets you earn your desired college degree without the trouble of passing admission exams and studying, through its Prior Learning Assessment Program. You earn college degree credits based on your work experience, trainings and seminars attended, military service, college units earned, and travel among many things. The data that you present to schools must be verifiable. Reputable schools will request additional data if they sense that the information you gave is inaccurate. To be accepted, almost all schools will ask you to fill out an application form with a detailed list of your prior experiences. If you satisfy the minimum requisites for the degree you are applying for, you will receive you diploma within l to 3 weeks after paying the required fees.

A person with years of experience in his occupation may notice that contemporaries who have academic degrees but with less experience advance more rapidly in their jobs. A life experience degree can qualify you for these jobs. It is rapidly gaining popularity because it is flexible, fast and convenient. You are granted a degree based on what you already know. Degrees are a definite advantage these days. Do not waste your time and money to be something just because it is the only viable course offered by your local school. You will only be effective in your career if you like doing it. Buying an online degree can be mutually beneficial to you and the degree granting university.

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Recognizing The Value and Benefits of The Life Experience Degree

Many of us dream of it - to finish an abandoned degree, pursue a new career path, or break through into a management position. But often time, money and family commitments make it impossible to participate in the classroom education that we think will help us realize those dreams.

That's why more and more people, including employers, are recognizing the value of a life experience degree earned online. According to a survey of 239 employers developed by the well-known career network,, 61% of employers now find online degrees acceptable. And why not? After all, isn't life work an educational experience? Shouldn't education take place throughout our lives, not just in the classroom?

Continuous learning has become a requirement for success on the job. And countless skilled workers have amassed substantial knowledge in their given fields through the day-to-day rigors of solving problems, facing challenges, and keeping up with constant advances in their industries. How often has anyone heard a traditional college graduate say they felt their classroom education prepared them adequately for their chosen field? The truth is there is no better education than what you learn on the job.
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Life experience degrees, when evaluated and issued by an experienced institution recognize and reward people for their years in the trenches. Using many of the same traditional educational benchmarks as traditional colleges such as previous college courses, CLAP (College Level Examination Program), employer-sponsored training, military training, workshops, and certificates of achievements as their guide confers upon worthy applicants a degree that is a true representation of a person's knowledge and skill.

Traditional institutions, threatened by the way advances in technology and changes in the workplace are altering the definition of education, and how it is acquired, are rallying against life experience degrees. But their world is insulated. The rest of us live in a world of rising education costs, excessive competition, the loss of job security, and a weak job market.

The quality of the U.S. workforce matters now more than ever. Yet, within countless firms where productivity, quality, flexibility, and experience matter, many highly qualified workers are running into closed doors because their achievements are undervalued and unnoticed.

A college education is still a fundamental prerequisite for getting a decent job, and a Master degree is still the path to higher management. The best forecasts of job growth in the nation suggest that the economy will continue to favor those with the highest years of schooling.

Life experience degrees are making their deserved mark in changing the landscape of adult and continuing education. When both traditional and life experience degrees can proudly reside side by side on a resume, employers will finally get a richer, more fuller picture of who sits before them in an interview.

Just as the traditional medical community, over time, had to adjust its ideas about holistic approaches to human health, traditional educational institutions must do likewise.

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Choosing a Fake Life Experience Degree Online

If you think that you need a fake degree or transcript, it is no longer a difficulty finding them. A transcript is a copy of your mark sheet that is issued by the college or university you passed out from. Getting that correct is quite a difficulty since most colleges have their own pattern and match, and that is difficult to recollect and create easily. You can go online and find out that there are websites willing to help you get a fake transcript. You can always check these sites out for more information, but the best thing about these degrees is that they look absolutely like the original. You would find that a fake university diploma is also very helpful.

The high quality parchment on which they are written is exactly like the original, and the ink with which it is written is carefully used to match exactly the original content. The original document would somewhat look fake once faced with these fake documents. You would be surprised to note how accurate the whole document is, right down to the watermark.

For work you especially need a good life experience degree. In that case, you would need a degree which will help you in your work. The life experience certificate is something which is important to note, because they are extremely needed in certain cases. These are readily available online, and they would actually guide you in getting the kind of experience you want to have on your job profile, and enhancing them according to your requirements. For example, if you are thinking of marketing, they would enhance your marketing skills and show life experience in that area. You would also get seriously wonderful recommendations which would look just like the original.

On the internet you would be able to find the exact requirements you have. You can check out the net for the best products that suit your need and fit your pocket. Most of these websites are quite reasonable, and once you go in you can compare prices and go for the best. You should not proceed without a bit of careful checking and researching and customer feedback before attempting to buy any product.

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Life Experience Degree: The Medicare for You

Lots of colleges and universities have developed different kinds of degree programs which can provide you a fruitful degree from someone else life experience and that is known as a life experience degree. This is only a graduate degree.

These degrees are always awarded to only those people who have shown high class of skill and knowledge in their concerned career field. You cannot buy a fake degree of this program as this is totally based on how you show your skills and knowledge to the concerned people to prove yourself in front of them. Specials schools which provide these kinds of degrees always ask for a prior learning assessment bar to check your prior experience. You cannot buy a degree of this program like any other degree as it requires prior experience like military service, prior college, professional development courses, certificates of achievements and many more.

Apart from these experiences other requirements are employer-sponsored training, participation in organizations and attendance of workshop. As I have said that it is not to get this degree because everything whatever you show as your experience or educational background will be verified and will cross checked strongly. And then also if the school or the institute feels something spam about you then they can ask for some more documents

If you get selected in the college then it will not take more than 15 to 20 days to get the degree, however again it depends on school to school. Once you get this degree it will be counted as other degrees also which takes more than a year or round about 2 to 3 years easily.

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Avail online – A life experience degree

Grab the opportunity and avoid all career breaks of your life by availing online life experience degree. Are you browsing Internet to find a one stop platform that helps you in getting fake degree? Now it has been very easy to look for an online fake diploma press, which offers you fruitful solutions either to buy a degree or create fake degree from any university of your choice.

As a matter of fact, the diplomas and degrees are created with so much perfection by such online companies that no expert can even distinguish between the original and replica ones. Nowadays, thousands of websites are engaged in this business. So, beware of fraud companies. Before going for buying a degree, you should check and review the sample products generally available at such websites, to have a look at the quality and standards of transcriptions they are using.

All across the globe, in several countries, major mass of people opt for fake degrees either it is for high school diploma, professional diploma or other major degree. Thus, in a very easy and convenient manner, you can buy a degree from such sites. Another segment that comes under fake degree transcription programs is a life experience degree.

According to the desired and needed designation, people used to buy a life experience degree. In fact, when you purchase a life experience degree, to practically claim this degree, you should have enough knowledge about the concerned field. Considered as the authenticated official document, fake degree is definitely going to help you in overcoming the lacunas you have faced in your professional life.

No matter, in which place from all around the corner you stay, anyone can buy a degree from anywhere with fixed costing, usually displayed on the website. Due to high satisfaction scale and guarantee driven services of such diploma presses, several communities extremely like such fake college degree programs. Basically the pricing of each and every degree is evaluated by determining the cost of real degree. So, in short, instead of approaching agents, opt for online sites, which are relatively cheaper, beneficial and effective and will create your fake degrees in comparatively lesser time period.

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Online College Life Experience Degree - A Reward for Your Experience!

An online college life experience degree is an ideal way to possess a degree obtained through one's past work experience in a related field. There are many reputed universities offering degrees based on life experience to enable individuals who could not pursue a professional degree but have ample experience in their respective areas of work.

How does it work?

Life experience is defined by the experience an individual has gained throughout his or her life, be it the experience gained on the basis of work, daily life or during military training or through any other mode. This life experience is considered by universities to provide a degree relevant in that particular field of work.

Each college offering these degrees will provide a detailed description of the knowledge and skills required to gain course credits. Once prospective students qualify with the necessary criteria the degrees are usually dispatched within a time frame of two to three weeks. Obtaining this degree takes very little time, without the hassles of admission, classes, exams or study.

Although an online college life experience degree sounds easy to get, there are some glitches involved. One has to be careful of the many institutes claiming to provide degrees based on life experience without accreditation. Unfortunately many get lured by the degrees being offered by such institutes which may not be accepted by employers.

In order to obtain a valid online college life experience degree which is acceptable to employers anywhere in the world, an individual needs to earn an authentic, accredited degree from a reliable university/college. Hence caution needs to be applied while choosing colleges that provide life experience degrees. Choose only those universities and their affiliate colleges which provide accredited degrees recognized by accrediting organizations.

Institutes offering courses:

Providing a degree on the basis of life experience has been in operation since it was introduced in 1987 by some of the top institutes in the United States of America which were offering course credits for experience earned in specific fields.

Getting an online college life experience degree will not just help boost your resume, but many a time can offer a better work profile, higher salary or even a better job while saving your time and money.

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Life Experience Degree and Life Experience Degrees

Life experience degrees are becoming increasingly popular for the many people who want to receive credentials for credible work, experience, education and skills. There are many professionals who do not have a graduate or undergraduate degree in their field of work and find life experience degrees appealing. They have excelled and have the experiential knowledge of their degrees counterparts who receive more pay and more status only as a result of a college diploma. A life experience degree provides recognition for personal and professional achievements through many online life experience degree programs.

If you are tired of not getting that promotion just because you do not have a graduate degree, a life experience degree may provide the boost you need to succeed. Perhaps you want to increase your earning potential by adding a life experience degree to your personal resume. Life experience degrees are offered online by many credible educational institutions. Life experience degrees in the areas of business, education, fine arts, and sciences can be acquired. There are many other specialized life experience degrees from which to choose among the many undergraduate and graduate life experience degree levels.

A life experience degree can be obtained through online sources usually within a short period of time. Sometimes in as little as two weeks, you may be awarded a life experience degree in the field of your expertise. The cost of life experience degrees is reasonable, usually not more than a few hundred dollars, depending on the degree program and the requirements. You may apply for a life experience degree online by filling out an application form provided by many life experience degree schools. Requirements for life experience degrees are based on the amount of formal education you may have already obtained, the length of time you have invested in your chosen field, and your professional skill level obtained.

Life experience degree applications also take into consideration any community achievements, any awards you may have received, and other personal and professional successes. A special educational board from the life experience degree source is equipped to analyze and access the application. Most life experience degrees can be expected to be conferred within a couple of weeks, if all goes well. Many online life experience degree institutions are accredited by the Association for Online Academic Excellence. AOAE is a private accrediting agency that insures educational excellence and consistent standards for online learning. "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth."
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Credit your Prior Experience with Online Life Experience Degrees

In the world today, online learning offers the flexibility and convenience many students need to obtain a college education. Unfortunately, many college transcripts fail to show a student's real-life experience, even if the student has a lot of knowledge in one particular field but no diploma to show for it. In this case, life experience credits can help students receive the recognition they desire and deserve. Life experience degrees can help a student get ahead in the workforce, even if they've never obtained a diploma in a particular field of knowledge. It's only fair that you be provided with the same opportunities as a student who has obtained experience in a classroom setting instead of the real world.

With life experience credits, you are well on your way to life experience degrees that reflect what you've learned outside of the classroom. Whether you've taken language classes abroad or worked in a particular field with hands-on experience, there are several distance learning programs that will assess your experience and grant you life experience credits for your work. Not only do life experience degrees credits offer students a chance to be recognized for their work, but it saves time and money because you don't need to take a course you've already mastered elsewhere.

First and foremost, you'll want to research distance learning schools that will consider granting life experience credits. Also, be sure the school you wish to study from is fully accredited by the proper accreditation boards. Keep in mind that not all distance learning programs will consider life experience credits, but if you look around you are sure to find one that suits your needs. It's also important to note that there are a lot of scams involving life experience degrees, including "diploma mill" schools that make false claims that a student can receive a degree entirely through life experience credits. If you run into a school that solicits you this way, tread with extreme caution.

Once you've found a distance education program that interests you and that offers life experience online degrees credit, you'll want to contact school officials to see what steps you need to take to apply for these credits. Many online learning programs require students to fill out a life experience application and put together a portfolio of their work experience. Different schools have different requirements as well, so keep in mind when applying for life experience degrees credit you may be asked to provide a list of references, meet with members of the school's staff or pass a test to receive credit.

Provided the school you are interested in requests a portfolio of your experience, there are several things that may be included for consideration. Naturally, this depends on the subject matter and the life experience you've had. For most life experience internet degrees, your portfolio can contain items such as resumes, job descriptions, references, work samples, awards you have received and many more. Once you've compiled a portfolio of your work, you'll want to arrange it in a manner that will convince the College Board that you have sufficient experience to grant you life experience degrees credit.

While going through the life experience degree process may seem like a lot of work, it's a much better alternative than paying money for classes you already have sufficient experience in. As long as you are wary of life experience degrees offered through diploma mill schools, you should be able to find an online college that will grant life experience credits for work you've completed outside of a classroom. All of the work is worth it, and you will receive the recognition you deserve.

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Enjoying Life Experience Degrees Having Global Recognition

Obtaining the life experience degree has developed into reality, for persons who possess rich life experience with an unique field by virtue having spent years previously, not having acquired relevant degree. Anyone usually requires getting a real degree need to make sure that it is a legitimate degree.

Following your hot trend of obtaining life experience degree there are numerous organizations, which are utilizing the specific situation do heavy advertisement promotion and are generally just distributing fake degrees, which can be not recognized and contributes to wastage of income in eagerness to secure a degree without life experience of a certain field. Though apparently it is sometimes complicated to spot such degrees, there can be red flags indicating something fishy regarding the program offering fake degrees.

Achieving life experience degrees is correct for individual who through doing various jobs has acquired extensive practical experience during the field for which such a degree is sought. There are schools whose program and system are used for verifying what exactly is it submitted by applicant really and they are permitted get life experience degrees. These schools are accredited with universities having these courses into their education programs.

It requires to be kept in mind the particular schools award degrees to persons exclusively depending upon the statement and declarations of those certifying they provide the accomplishment which is their education operate in the process of getting issued.

There's technique of earning hours credits to your life experience degrees are to be obtained. Someone creates portfolio on the job giving details of training and experience acquired, utilized as being a basis for considering awarding of life experience degrees.

The schools undertaking these programs are following the established methodology where the documentation of work based on one?s life experience regarding their education expected is collected and portfolio of prepared. Some schools go a step further in conducting tests to look for the extent of data acquired to facilitate the actual experience degrees to the right candidate.

Particles getting life experience degrees is simple and virtually every one with example of established track record field could possibly get it.

You will need to make certain that the degrees available are meaningful covering variety hotly pursued courses like Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Nursing & Health, Psychology and Information Technology.

The standard distinction between college degrees and activities degree is the fact that these degrees are pursued by professional persons who possess rich working experience from the field and days gone by was not able to obtain the college degree. They've no documentary proof to claim their skills and experience.

There are tremendous benefits by getting the desired Activities Degree mentioned previously below:

* One gets sporting chance to succeed in the career you have opted and worked hard.
* Achieving success in promotion at the job in organization where working or elsewhere, for the reason that activities degree have universal recognition.
* The having access to living experiences degree is online and one can get just in a week.
* Many persons have already achieved success inside their objectives after obtaining life experiences degree.
* Activities degree is accredited having a reputed professional institute.
* Activities degree can be purchased by registering online without going to the institution awarding it. There is certainly saving of their time and money.

Accredited life experience degrees are recognized everywhere and they are issued in a nutshell amount of only a week. Moreover these degrees are experiencing higher acceptance for obtaining good high paying jobs in order to achieve promotion, where one is working. There exists significant improvement in career enhancement.

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How To Earn Life Experience Degrees

Getting a life experience degree is equivalent to saying that you did not attend formal classes in the field, but you have in-the-field training, which means and makes up for what you would have learned from textbooks and lectures.

What Is Life Experience?

For working adults who have the ambition to go back to school, there is good news: You do not have to start right from the beginning! This is when life experience comes in. The foundation of life experience degrees is what you have done in your life which is somehow related to a particular degree program. Getting a life experience degree is equivalent to saying that you did not attend formal classes in the field, but you have in-the-field training, which means and makes up for what you would have learned from textbooks and lectures. Most life experience is achieved in work environments as you endeavor to move up the ladder in a particular area of your career. There are times when a person tends to hit a ceiling in his or her career where the higher authorities would not promote him or her any more, simply because they do not have a degree. The organization for which you work would then start promoting people from below you for the positions you want merely because the candidate that has been promoted has a degree.

How To Earn A Life Experience Degree?

As compared to before, a vast number of online colleges are offering life experience degrees or credit for life experience that can help you with rising up on the fast track for finishing your bachelor degree. But, what is to be noticed here is the fact that a reputable university is just going to hand you a degree because of conformable information you put on a resume is not believable. What is more is that it just is not worth your time to apply to get a life experience degree online from an institution which would not even provide you with a verified accreditation. These unproven types of degrees may come from a scam artist, and are mere pieces of paper that are looked down up on by people and what is more is that such an act can also get you into legal trouble. The highly regarded universities will want sufficient proof of experience and might also require you to take challenge tests to exhibit your knowledge before granting you course credits. If they find out or feel that you lack a vital skill, they might ask you to take a class or two, while the rest of your skills will be credited toward your life experience degree online. On the other hand, if you have the ability to prove yourself to meet all of the life experience requirements, there are high-chances that you may receive your degree within the month!
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For adults who are already working and have plentiful experience in a precise area, life experience credits can appreciably reduce the time and money it takes to earn a degree through conventional methods. If you had begun a program at another point in life but could not put up with it due to certain circumstances in your life, life experience credits may be very useful in helping you finish your degree. After getting your life experience degree, the returns you will receive would be twice as much as you had previously earned with only a high school diploma.

Information On Life Experience Degrees

Presented are ways that you can take up so as to apply life experience credits toward an undergraduate degree which will help to save you time and money and speedily amplify your earning prospective.

1. Examining Prior Learning

Characteristically, what is required by the college that you apply to is a copy of your transcripts and a portfolio which should be inclusive of a written explanation and samples of your prior experience. After going through these, the school appraises your transcripts and understanding and helps you devise a plan which you could take up so as to earn a college degree. What is to be noted is that your plan may engage taking a series of exams to bear out your prior learning, along with supplementary course work.

2. What Counts Toward Prior Learning

If you are the kind of employee, who is regarded by other colleagues as the expert in your field or if you have complete mastery over a particular craft by means of a number of years of self-study, there is a high chance that you can translate that wide-ranging knowledge and know-how into credits towards a valuable college degree. Comprehension may come from work familiarity, military service, prior college work, professional development courses or certificates, community and volunteer services or travel.

3. Expenditures And Fees

An interesting piece of information here is that different colleges have dissimilar policies on the subject of life experience credit, and some may necessitate a fee to evaluate your prior learning. A number of schools arraign a per credit fee like those for regular course credit; nevertheless, a life experience credit costs less. It is necessary for you to carefully research your college's life experience degree program to tell the difference between its costs and the procedure you must follow to obtain credits for your experience, way before you apply to a college.

4. Choose Accredited Schools Only

Look around and research. Find accredited schools that go well with your academic goals, career objectives, schedule and budget. Regrettably, not all schools offer reliable life experience degrees, so if this is something that could be appropriate to your education, scrutinize your college choices comprehensively.
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Four Keys to Quality Creative Writing

This is a guest post from Brandy Olsen

Writing quality creative work is difficult. While there's no other form of writing that's freer from the confines of rules and research, the virtually bottomless bag of material that can be used to craft creative writing leaves many a writer unable to work past the inevitable analysis paralysis of having too much to choose from. The tenacity it takes to overcome this vehement objective standing between you and your fiction will define you as a creative writer. But before you set off down that road, stop and consider the following four keys to quality creative writing that can take years to realize if you choose to go about it by yourself:


A good creative writer is able to read their own work through the mind of a reader who only has the writing itself to go off of. Otherwise, you can be writing what you think is a detailed yarn, which is in fact a befuddled mess of character actions. Readers don't have the luxury of free psychic readings to determine what your intent is as an author. It's imperative that you always be aware of what your reader is aware of. This helps you include all necessary information and cut out the fat.


“Jonathan's eyes began to dribble with shame, and the young lad did all he could to resist the urge to emit tears in front of the other boys.”
Overwriting might sound good, but when “An embarrassed Jonathan did his best not to cry in front of the other boys” works just fine in a fraction of the space, there's no reason to write more than you have to. Lovers of the written word will often pack their sentences, all the while forgetting that readability is key. Nobody likes to read long complicated sentences or an unnecessary number of words.


Mark Twain once said that “The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between a lightening bug and a bolt of lightening.” Never let a boring word make it into your writing if you can help it. “It was a dark night” and “It was a black night” say basically the same thing, but “black” sounds just a bit more vivid than “dark”.


“Love is a rose.” Creative writing almost invariably comes down to whether or not a writer is able to speak to a bigger truth than the flesh and blood of the story itself. Understanding metaphor, and the ability to create something fictional that represents the real world in some way, is essential in becoming a quality creative writer.
The number of aspiring writers versus professional writers in the world is an indicator of how difficult it is to commit quality creative writing to the world. The freedom of creative writing is incredibly alluring, yet the lack of rules can be the biggest obstacle in a young writer's way. The best strategy is to realize there are no rules, only keys, to writing creative works worth being noted and remembered.
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