Custom Essay Writing

Essay writing help provided by a professional custom writing service can be also utilized in the form of paragraphs.

In case if a custom essay is too short to use subheadings, paragraphs are an absolute must. A student can use the set paragraphs in a custom essay to follow the direction of thought laid out and further utilize this direction when writing an essay. The primary goal of a paragraph is to help the reader focus on the topic of a custom essay. Students should be careful when dividing paragraphs, as sentences within a paragraph of a professionally written custom essay vary in length, whereas the paragraph itself has a topic sentence. When dividing paragraphs in a custom written essay or term paper a student should be careful to compose new topic sentences for paragraphs.

A student should read through the final essay attentively to identify topic sentences and make sure that the idea flows well throughout the paper. Custom essaysFirst paragraphs of a custom essay or term paper are used to interest a reader as well as prepare him or her for the information that follows. When adjusting a custom essay, a student can utilize the ideas initially laid out to produce own essay. Students should not forget that the last sentence in the first paragraph of a custom term paper, research paper, or essay is the thesis statement that contains arguments and ideas laid out in the remainder of the paper. As such, a model essay provided by a custom writing service should be adjusted carefully. buy essayStudents should modify and expand the middle paragraphs of a custom essay in order to adjust and expand the argument within a paragraph. Students should be careful when replacing the middle paragraphs of a custom research paper or a custom term paper, as sentences initially vary in wording, lengths, and structure. At the same time, a model custom essay, when delivered by a respectable custom essay writing service, allows students to directly concentrate and trace the features of a professionally written essay when applied on their own unique writing requirements.

custom Term papersWhen adjusting the last paragraphs of a custom essay, a student does not have to write the body of the paper first. Given major thoughts remain unchanged and the direction for further collection of relevant information for essay writing is clear, a student can adjust the last paragraphs right after the general plan is composed and structure of the essay is clear to him or her. While the concluding paragraphs of a custom essay contain the general points about the topic developed in the paper, it is not necessary to include all points stated throughout the custom essay. A student should modify the concluding sentences in order to provide a reader with the final remarks made in the essay writing process. When modifying a model term paper, research paper, or any other type of writing assignment, the first thing to remember is grammar mistakes and lengths of sentences.

A model custom essay helps a student to instantly compare the flow and sentence structure with the custom essay and receive essay writing help as applied to the specific project writing requirements. Essay editing services provided by a custom essay writing company can also be helpful to make sure that the paper does not receive a poor grade, as a large amount of work has already been devoted to it. It is not enough to consult a dictionary when writing an essayArticle Submission, professional academic assistance allows a student to avoid all the silly mistakes that usually remain unnoticed. Custom essay writing services are crucial when it comes to basic student assistance.

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A Spyware Guide: Detect and Prevent Infection

The Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC), which is a group of academics, anti-spyware companies, and consumer organizations, defines spyware as:

"Spyware is a term for Tracking Software deployed without adequate notice, consent, or control for the user."

Spyware programs are installed into your system without your knowledge, in order to show you unwanted advertisements. They can record your personal data and browsing trends for showing better targeted ads. Unlike viruses or Trojans, spyware may not damage your software or operating system. They can, however, slow down your system a lot.

How Do Spyware Infect A System?

Facetime Communications, an online security company, estimates that almost 80 per cent of the world's computers are affected by spyware. Spyware installation can happen through various means. Most of them rely on the security loopholes in the host system. Here are some of the tactics by which they infect a system:

1. Automatically: Some spyware, such as Claria Corporation's tiny program called Gator, get installed without any notification. This happens when you visit a web page infected by the spyware. Only if you have set your browser security to the high level, you will get a notification of this installation.

2. By Tricking Users: Some spyware trick users with a message stating that the system is infected by viruses and Trojans, with a button to start scanning. If you click this button, it will spark a spyware installation instead.

3. As Browser Add-ons: Sometimes, spyware applications are installed as browser's add-ons. Installing unverified toolbars, buttons, or other functionalities to your browser may cause this. Therefore, it is recommended that you install add-ons only from the browser's official website, which contains verified components only.

4. With Software Packages: Sometimes spyware programs are bundled with the installation packages of other software. This is the case with many Peer-to-Peer file sharing applications. The issue here is that if you remove the specific piece of spyware, the original application may not run properly. So, many people see it as an unavoidable risk.

5. Through Unknown E-mails: Viewing and clicking links on emails from unknown senders may not always be safe. Some of these links may be already infected by a piece of spyware looking to expand its presence.

What It Does?

Many spyware usually don't install once, but multiple times. Some even have the ability to reinstall themselves after detection and deletion. Once installed, the spyware sets itself to start automatically every time the operating system starts. Here are some of the activities it can do:

  • Degrades system performance by taking up RAM (memory) space.
  • Gives numerous unwanted pop-up ads, rendering browsing almost impossible.
  • Steals personal information, such as credit card and social security numbers.
  • Configures system settings to initiate download of more spyware.
  • Changes browser settings, such as the default home page.
  • Disables firewalls and antivirus software.
  • Creates troubles in your system's connectivity to the Internet.
  • Dials to expensive telephone numbers and networks when you try to dial-up to the Internet.
  • Redirects you to affiliate URLs to secure commissions from your purchases.

These are only a few of what spyware can do. They can be extremely effective in making a fortune for the people who engage in distributing them.

Spyware Prevention

Today, spyware programs are more prevalent than viruses or Trojans just because they can help make a lot of money. In order to prevent them from infecting your system, you need to follow a few strategies. Here are they:

Pop-up Blocking: Most of the browsers have the built-in functionality to detect and block pop-ups and pop-unders. You need to activate this feature. Refer to your browser's technical documentation for this purpose.

In case of Mozilla Firefox, you can block pop-ups from Tools->Options->Content tab.

In case of Internet Explorer, you can do this from Tools->Pop-up blocker->Settings.

Disable Scripting and ActiveX: Microsoft's ActiveX technology is used to run certain interactive scripts through your browser interface. This can, however, open an easy door to spyware. So, disable ActiveX and such other forms of scripting in your browser.

To disable ActiveX in IE, go to Internet options->Security. Choose the Internet icon, and click Custom level. You will find the option to disable ActiveX scripting among several other security settings.

Set High Browser Security: Set your browser to notify you of any installations or unauthorized activities. You can do this in IE from Internet Settings->Security tab.

Use Anti-spyware: There are several professional anti-spyware programs available. Purchase and use one such reputed program besides your firewall and antivirus.


  • Don't click inside any pop-ups. Just close it as soon as it opens.
  • Before trying to install any new software you download, scan it with your anti-spyware program.
  • Don't install unverified browser plug-ins from third-party websites.
  • Keep your anti-spyware program updated and running all the time.
  • Don't click links or open attachments in emails from unknown senders.

Famous Spyware Programs

Here are a few well-known spyware programs. These tiny applications garnered a lot of attention from users and programmers worldwide at the times they appeared.

1. CoolWebSearch: This piece of spyware appeared in 2003. It is capable of changing the user's browser home page and showing pop-up ads to sites including pornographic ones.

2. Internet Optimizer: This spyware program redirects users, who accidentally types in a wrong URL, to a page full of advertisements.

3. Zango: Currently, this spyware program has a lot of promoters who get paid for making people install it into their systems. It collects the data regarding websites people visit, in order to display targeted ads. It also redirects users to affiliate tracking URLs to bag commissions from their purchases.

4. This piece of spyware was distributed by an online movie download service; it shows pop-up ads on user systems. It caused a lot of complaints at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


On a daily basis, new spyware applications spring up and affect many systems. A huge number of computer users don't have any security software installed. Many people also do online transactions involving credit cards and other sensitive data, without encryption. These people are the primary target of spyware distributors. Spyware programs can easily transmit these sensitive data to third-parties. So, be very careful when using online services to send important data.
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Why are students willing to buy essay papers?

Are the different offers offered by a service the only reason for students to buy essay papers?

The offers can be a reason to compel students to buy essay papers but they are not the only reason for them to do so.

A service is available to every student and not all uses them if the offers were the only reason every student would have availed the service. There are many a reasons which have a large effect on the student’s decision to buy.

Essay writing services have developed and expanded a lot in recent years and are coming up with many offers like money back guarantees, discount packages, different kinds of freebies etc. for students which are proving to be a highly compelling for students to buy than write essays on their own, but these offers are not enough for a student to spend a sum of money to avail those offers.

* An essay is a type of writing assignment just like term papers and dissertations and so have a major role in the evaluation of the final grade and the transcript of a student and like the other assignments the students want their essays to secure a good grade upon examining.

* If a student lacks confidence for writing an essay on his/her, due to any reason be it ESL, past performance etc. which makes them feel that they won’t do good on writing on their own essay

* Many students have other reasons like work or family responsibilities which take up most of time in their daily schedule and they are faced with time constraint and further with short deadlines.

* Most of the time essays or any other written assignments are rejected by the instructor on the basis of poor research, ill formatting, unavailability of proper references and citationsFree Web Content, these issues again support a student’s decision to buy an essay paper rather than writing one.

These are the most possible and genuine reasons which make a student look for services and then select one to buy an essay paper. The offers made by a service are the second on the list of reasons and once a student of any one of the above mentioned reason then these offers support their decision to buy an essay paper.

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3 Top Reasons Behind Buying An Essay

Essay writing has now started to gain a lot of popularity amongst the students of high school and above. These services has helped a lot of students in securing an A grade on their written assignments, who have their own reasons for not writing it on their own.

Mostly it has been observed that students lose their final grade just because of not submitting their essay on time or they cannot come up with an A grade essay because of their restriction to resources and language.

The 3 three top reasons for buying an essay online as observed are;

* ESL – English as a Second Language:According to the Survey of Colleges data on U.S. higher education enrollment, conducted by “Institute of International Education” – USA, the total percentage of international students against the total US enrollment in 2006/07 is 3.9% with an annual change rate of 3.2. These international students speak and write English as their secondary language and face difficulties while writing an essay better than the residents which results in a lower grade and de-motivation of the students. These students are willing in buying essays and submit them as these essays are backed by a guarantee of getting an A grade!

* WORKMost international students as well as the residents, when pursuing their high school and above level of studies, work along with their studies. During work students are driven towards maintaining a tight schedule in which their work is the main priority. During work schedule it is hard for a student to take out time and perform extensive research and then write a complete essay about a topic.

* SHORT DEADLINES5 days to the submission deadline and you have to write a complete essay on a given topic and you haven’t even started yet!? An essay has to be based on custom performed extensive research, custom written free from plagiarism and must have proper citations along with all the other necessary supplementary pages. For a student in such a situation, for any reason, a better and easy way is buying an essay than writing a complete essay in 5 days.

Any student in any of the above situations is willing in buying an essay or has already done so. In buying an essay a student gets everything done in their limited time without taking the time out of their busy work schedule and getting it done in the proper and approved way, hence, securing the chance of getting that A grade which he/she requires.

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Sacred Secrets of Effective Essay Writing Process

The article examines how to compose well-written persuasive and expository essays, from investigation of the topic of the essay up to the writing of the academic paper. The article helps to improve the composition and writing skills.

In today’s highly competitive and ever-changing world it is extremely important to acquire the ability to explain your point of view, your contention as well as the gist of the topic you are familiar with. Whether you intend to become a teacher or have chosen other career path, it is imperative, even indispensable for many careers to develop good communicative skills. During your study at the University you might be assigned with several types of written assignments that help you to develop and enhance communication skills. I would like in this article to focus on two of them, expository essay and persuasive essay. In spite of the fact that the structure, style and some other elements of these writing projects are similar, there are some notable differences between them.

When thinking of expository essay idea you should know that the main goal is to teach you to develop communication skills by learning how to acquaint your reader or listener with the knowledge that you possess. Depending on the subject you are assigned with, your expository essay should include factual information which should be backed by reliable, trustworthy and up-to date evidence. It might be advisable to write in the third person in this type of the written assignment. Try to avoid using of such words as “I”, “we” or “our “as much as possible. In this way your expository essay would fit more to the standards of the educational institution set for this type of the essay. Also, remember as this is a factual essay you should avoid explaining your point of view or contention on particular subject, as in this case your attitude must be defended. The essay, where your contention is stated and defended is named “persuasive essay”, I will deal with it later. Let us examine how the expository essay should be composed. First you must state your thesis. One should bear in mind that it must not be too broad as the length of expository essay is usually short. Your sentences should be written in easy to read, logical and coherent style. All facts should be backed up by evidence. One should restate the thesis in the last final paragraph of the essay. If you follow these simple rules you will be bale to compose the expository essay that meets the requirements set by your tutor.

When writing persuasive essay you should not only provide your reader with your contention, it should back it up so the reader understands why your point of view is better than the contentions of your opponents. Whereas the main purpose of expository essay is to explain the facts of view, the aim of persuasive essay writing is not only to explain your point of view, but to convince the reader that your point of view is right. The plan of your persuasive essay might be similar to expository one; however, it is advisable to include in the body of your assignments several important elements. First, one should consider strong and weak point of your argument and the contention of your opponents. Second, your contention in this type of the essay should be backed by the up-to date and trustworthy evidence in order to convince e your reader that information provided by you is reliable. In this way it would be easy for you to learn how to persuade even the most skeptical persons.

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Creating Presentations Online

You may have noticed that in some of the previous posts, I have included online presentations, most of which are viewable directly from the browser, without having to download and view privately. Though you can create presentations using MS Office PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or Open Office Impress and upload the files for online viewing, it seems easier to create the presentation itself online. In this article, let's see how you can do that.

1. Google Docs

Go to and sign in using your Google account. Google Docs provides a complete feature-rich presentation tool. Adding slides, describing them, adding pictures, animations, and videos with Google presentation tool are pretty easy. If you wish to use your offline presentation, you can upload it. The formats that can be uploaded include Microsoft and Open Office versions.

The completed presentations can be viewed online with a Google account. They can be embedded to any website.

2. Empressr

Empressr, which is a free online presentation tool lets you create a free account to create and store your presentations online. The service adverts itself as a free storytelling tool. Empressr lets you create slides with a lot of features, including embedding images from an image library, video, audio, and slide transitions.

Empressr is still in beta and you are allowed to create as many presentations as you wish at this period. You can store all these presentations securely in the Empressr server and can be shared with all your friends.

Adding tables, shapes, and charts to the presentations is also very easy with Empressr now.

3. Preezo

This presentation tool, Preezo, also enables you to upload PowerPoint presentations and convert them into the online form. Rich with slide layouts, text formatting functions, and slide transitions, Preezo is a great tool. Like Empressr, Preezo also lets you create libraries of images, which can be reused in different presentations. Preezo has a very usable interface, which reminds us of PowerPoint.

These presentations can then be published in Preezo and embedded to other websites using the HTML code provided.

4. 280Slides

280Slides is a business-purpose presentation creator that has interface similar to Apple Keynote. This feature-rich presentation can be tried free in the beta status.
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About some types of essay

Custom essays are essays written on chargeable basis. Essay writing service is often associated with negative meaning, because it is born in our minds that students should write papers by themselves. It is true for majors but still there are subjects which are beyond the understanding of students.

Custom essays are essays written on chargeable basis. Essay writing service is often associated with negative meaning, because it is born in our minds that students should write papers by themselves. It is true for majors but still there are subjects which are beyond the understanding of students. For example, there are such kinds of essay as analytical and interview ones.

Custom essays in such case enable student to save time in thinking over disputable matters, if she or he feels somewhat uncertain and cannot support his or her thought with needed evidences. Interview essays involve certain interviewing activity, which is difficult to perform if student doesn t have access to the source of information. Also interview essays can become sticking point for those who feel themselves shy enough to reach understanding and to conduct the very process properly, namely to put open-ended questions, to be as specific as possible, to spend proper amount of time.

Later composition of the information may pose problems, because usually inexperienced students don t tell exactly the source, the aim, and the reasons for this or that choice. Nevertheless, the greatest difficulty in both types of essays emerges when it comes to formulating some overall conclusion. As far as analytical essay is concerned, learner can be still too superficial in his or her judging.

Thus, custom essays are the way out, while the professional team is ready to provide any student with the appropriate assistance in collecting and composing the whole work, which compensates for lack of analytical or the other kind of mental abilities. Although there still exist prejudices against custom essay writing services Computer Technology Articles, they prove to gain more and more popularity among students.

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Expository Essay

The purpose of an informative essay is to comprise objectively the opinions of former individuals or depict some event or slot. More widely, expounding is a nonrandom statute interpreting or explanation of a particularized topic.

The writer of an expositive essay should certify nonrandom analysis of the designed topic and explicate the basal points exploitation informatory examples and drafting advantageous analogies. The outgrowth of expo should include an in-depth analysis of getable materials, including the identification of abecedarian ideas, theses and facts.

Expounding also includes the enlarged interpreting of the designed embodied, including considerateness of additional materials within the elect battlefield. The writer should province the designated information distinctly and professionallyHealth Fitness Articles, fetching into invoice the specificity of the addressed auditorium. Information should be sufficient and irrefragable.

An expositive essay writing requires a rudimentary analysis of accessible information and conceptualization of the trenchant and particularized dissertation affirmation. A prefatorily paragraph should be followed by the supportive paragraphs that reinforce and expatiate the dissertation affirmation logically and distinctly. A concluding paragraph should iterate the dissertation assertion in an germinal way and moderate no new existent corporal.

The writer should use transitional sentences betwixt all paragraphs to make the essay honorable.

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The Best Answers to College Essay Questions

The best answers to college essay questions make meaningful connections between personal experiences and personal qualities. In other words, they provide proof that you are the type of applicant you claim to be.

The first step is to perform a self-examination to find patterns that will help in writing your college essays. Look at a list of personal qualities college admissions officers look for in applicants. Things such as academic achievement, creativity, responsibility, maturity, integrity, initiative, leadership, confidence, etc. The list is longer than this but you get the idea. Think of all the qualities that colleges would look for in the ideal candidate.

Don't worry about which ones you possess at this point just write down everything that comes to mind. Of course no candidate is perfect and no candidate will possess all of these qualities. That's fine. The next step is to go through your list and put a checkmark by each of the ideal qualities that you possess in your estimation.

The next step is to go back to the qualities that you checked and jot down two concrete examples from your personal experiences that proves you possess that particular quality. If you can't think of two examples the prove you have that quality then move on to the next one. You can either come back to that quality later or if you can't think of two examples from your entire life that demonstrate that quality chances are you don't really possess it.

Colleges and universities are interested in applicants you can demonstrate personal growth. With that in mind, it's time to examine your personal experiences and qualities looking for examples the demonstrate how you have grown as a person over time.

There are two possible tacts to take here. One is starting in your childhood and demonstrating how you have grown and developed the personal qualities college admissions officer look for. Or the other tactic is to project yourself into the future either when you are in college or after graduation and project or hypothesize how you will grow and how the college or university will play a role in that development. The first tactic is best because it demonstrate by concrete example what you've accomplished versus the second option which is what you hope to accomplish.

At this point, you should be realizing that you really do have a lot of personal experience that would make for a good college essay writing. That's not unusual. Most students do have it in them to write a good college essay. Sometimes it just takes a little thinking and planning to stir the creative juices. It's really just a matter of organizing your thoughts and planning how to best put your experiences in writing in the way that will most likely impress the college admissions officers.

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Writing Essay

First, essay writing preparation includes preliminary research, reading, taking notes and analyzing processes.

1st, essay writing readying includes explorative enquiry, recitation, picking notes and analyzing processes. They are needful to create your own complacent and subscribe your papers with ideas and knowledge of others. Enquiry litigate helps effectively produce an essay title. Even if you are specified a title for your essay, keep your own title in your mind or publish it as your essay synopsis title. Your own title would hasten your intellection and greatly assist you in provision your subsequent essay structure. Next, recitation and picking notes will help you plan your essay structure successfully. While fetching notes you will agnise what and how many key points you should acquaint in your essay. These key points should be put into your essay synopsis. Make it more fictive and put the key points in the forms of phrases, comments, questions, graphs, pictures and tables.

The main purport of outlining litigate to give a seeable ikon of your essay; the clearer you see it the easier and more effectively you produce it. Once you have terminated with outlining you may outset provision your essay structure. Planning is the most problematical because it involves good analyzing skills and vindicated rational. Paragraphing depends on the enumerate of key points you have identified while picking notes. Once you have dictated the essay paragraph numeral you should enjoin paragraphs so that each paragraph will full-blown the reasonable environ of your essay smug and will spheric it off with your authorize placement. Here your organizing skills would be very reusable because you should be primed to paragraph and re-paragraph your essay many multiplication in consecrate to immediate a full-scale, consummate and very cleared instruction.

While re-paragraphing pay tending to your key points intro and their rational linkage betwixt each others. Keep in mind that the firstly paragraph is an launching and the last one is a terminus, and both paragraphs should terminated the full rotary. Here the contented is very earthshaking to finis your essay successfully. Two things should be kept in mind: idea full discursive roundabout (presentation, ontogenesis and your terminus) and your subscriber centering. While composing do not forget who are sledding to read it and what this person is expecting from your essay. Protruding a note with your essay goalArticle Submission, title and assigner to your estimator proctor would be very reclaimable thing to not kickoff peregrine approximately your ideas but conclude your essay understandably and concisely.

If you are entirely slaked with your last blueprint form it as an essay and do the last but not slightest thing – proofreading. Check your spelling and grammar through the word processing programmes and ask a estimable person to two-bagger-ctwo-bagger your authorship. It would be gravid if you can confront your essay by recital it for your friends earlier submission. Recital aloud is the best thing to empathize if you succeed with your essay.

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Selecting a Persuasive Topic for Your College Essay

Arguably the most difficult part of writing an essay is getting started. And getting started involves...

When you complete your college applications and more to the point your college essay, your goal is to fill the college admissions officer with an overwhelming positive feeling that makes him or her want to grant you admission to the college or university. One way to increase the likelihood of this occurrence is to figure out what makes the reader tick and identify and present the similarities you share.

This is accomplished through a process known as audience analysis. Audience analysis should influence all aspects of your college essay writing from topic selection to developing ideas to the choice of words you use and finally the style of your college essay.

So for example when deciding on a topic for your college essay your thinking should be deeper than what ideas are relevant to my topic? You should think more along the lines of what do I know about the reader and how can I relate my experiences in a manner that captures his or her attention and helps him or her relate to me as a person. College admissions officers are more likely to admit applicants they feel they can relate to through shared experiences.

Don't over think this. It's actually pretty simple. You don't need to "know the reader" in the since that you knew his or her personal feelings on every topic. All that means is to put yourself in the shoes of a typical college administrator and try to understand how they think and feel. What would impress them and grab their attention? It's as simple as that.

Colleges and universities would not exist without students so the job of the college admissions office is critical to the diversity and economic health of any university. College administrators take their job responsibilities seriously. They're often recent graduates of the school and want to help it to continue to flourish with a top notch incoming freshman class. And they're willing to put in long hours going through applications thoroughly to ensure they do the best job possible.

Even though college administrators take their jobs seriouslyComputer Technology Articles, they're human and they can get bored with the monotony of going through up to 50 applications each day for months. That's a lot of short answers and essays to read. Are you starting to see why you need to grab their attention and get your points across quickly before they lose interest. But they'll keep on plugging through applications examining qualifications and doing the best they can to pick the best students who are capable of being contributing members of the campus community.

The hundreds of college essays they read tend to get blurred together but by following the tactics laid out in this article you'll be able to write a college essay that stands out from the crowd and increases your chances of college admission.

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How to Structure a College Essay for Busy Readers

Arguably the most difficult part of writing an essay is getting started. And getting started involves...

If you're concerned about getting started on your college essay writing, you can relax - if you've followed the preliminary planning process laid out in previous articles. This plan for your college essay helps establish the logic of your paper and helps you write in a clear, concise and orderly manner. You'll want to follow this process on all the papers you write, not just for college essays.

Let's talk about structuring your college essay for busy readers. When you consider the importance of making a good first impression combined with the tired eyes of the college administrators who must read all the applications that come pouring in you get an idea of why you need to grab the attention of the reader and get your points across quickly and clearly.

With the right structure, your college essay will lead its readers from point to point and at the same time you make it easy for the reader to follow you from point to point as you develop your main theme. Without any structure, the reader can easily become confused by the wandering nature of the essay and may even stop reading it completely due to lack of interest. This cannot be good for you chances of being admitted to the college or university of your choice.

Let's do a little demonstration from the college administrator's perspective as he or she reads and essay. Essays that are poorly written and constructed take an inordinate amount of time and energy to read. The word used by the college administrator may be something more along the lines of decipher as he or she will have to decode your rambling writing and figure out what you're trying to say. An irritated and annoyed college admissions officer is not likely to rate your college essay highly and that doesn't bode well for the rest of your application either.

College admissions officers are human too. They're job is to be neutral but considering the volume of college applications and essay they have to process, it's likely that a poorly written college essay will shift them from neutral to negative and worse than that you'll lose their goodwill and they're likely to carry over that negativity when rating your college application as a whole.

For students who prefer to write an essay about a single experience here is a good diagram to follow. Start with an introductory statement followed by a thesis statement. Next comes a preview statement and a topic sentence. Now you'll develop the topic and transition to the next topic sentence. Repeat this process until you've covered all the topics you have to discuss in the college essay. FinallyArticle Search, end with a concluding statement that ties the whole essay together. That's the type of well-written cohesive essay that impresses college admissions officers.

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History essay for the beginners

History essay writing are more than narrative accounts of the past better regarded as projecting discipline of history in a light manner based on interpretation, debate, analysis and synthesis of historical events. History essay takes into account the knowledge of the writer acquired from research, lectures, and reading on research materials. To create this type of essay would mean more time sitting in the computer writing and rewriting and doing comprehensive research on the internet.

What lies beneath the write up is the ability of the writer to sustain the enthusiasm of the readers to an extended period of time. For like history, it could be a great bore if the themes and issues addressed in the essay are not relevant to the present settings of the society. We choose history essay because in one way or the other it implies contrast and comparison to the present situation we are currently addressing. It will be quite an information to know the writer s opinion and exposition of knowledge on such things.

The readers will be more interested in the kind of investigation and methodology being applied other than the conclusion. It certainly depicts action supported by strong moral and ethical opinion reflected in the formulation of research questions. The look out for the appropriate source materials for the topic constitutes the use of primary and secondary sources like diaries and journals, newspapers and magazines, statistics, official government records and other published documents provided they come from a reliable institution. Good writers read source materials carefully and smartly laying out their argument and structure in the portion of the introduction or conclusion of the source materials. One never needs to read the whole material thoroughly to gain insight of the document.

History essays are written for an audience that requires direct and persuasive active voice. It must be consistent and logical in its arrangement somehow moving in a bold and assertive tone. One must read the questions carefully and arrange the discussion either in a chronologicalBusiness Management Articles, categorical or stages of development manner of writing. Direct quotations from primary and secondary sources are a requirement to support thesis statement to avoid possible misinterpretation when paraphrasing. History essay is a well constructed and clearly expressed argument based on evidence that is properly cited and listed in the bibliography. This aims to work on a logical progression of the argument. Generally footnotes are needed to serve the purpose of making cross references and making incidental comments to amplify a point.

Do not offer to make any interpretations that will practically deviate from the main flow of discussion. It shall be made with reference to scholarly opinions supported with relevant in-text citations. History essay is seen to be a reflection of man's nature and a product of his sociological interaction with other human beings and of his environment. It is a kind of a flashback of past events and an analytical projection of future events that is predictable to occur. History is written in our evolution of life and the talent of remembering history is plain narrative recitation on our recorded experiences.

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Usage of Need and Dare

Both need and dare can be used as auxiliary verb and main verb. When used as auxiliary verb, it works just like other modal auxiliaries, such as 'can', 'may', 'will', 'shall', etc. When used as main verb, they are like any other verb, such as 'run', 'go', 'come', 'take', 'work', 'joke', etc. Examples:

As auxiliary verb:
They needn't walk home, they can catch a bus.
How dare you disobey my orders?
Need you really take that risk?
She dare not make the first move at any cost.
I need drive to Joe's immediately.

As you have seen, dare and need don't agree with the subject or use 'to' when used as modal auxiliary. It's just like 'can' or 'may': such as, "I may drive to Joe's immediately", "Can you really take that risk?"

Used as normal verb:
I need to get the attestation before applying.
She does dare to do a lot of things.
Do you dare to compete with me in this?
Does she need any more help?

Now, it's just like any other normal verb. It agrees with the subject and does take 'to'.
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The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Here is a short story in the Sherlock Holmes Series, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This is one of those stories which I read first among this series and hold a good deal of nostalgia to.

The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

It is years since the incidents of which I speak took place, and yet it is with diffidence that I allude to them. For a long time, even with the utmost discretion and reticence, it would have been impossible to make the facts public, but now the principal person concerned is beyond the reach of human law, and with due suppression the story may be told in such fashion as to injure no one. It records an absolutely unique experience in the career both of Mr. Sherlock Holmes and of myself. The reader will excuse me if I conceal the date or any other fact by which he might trace the actual occurrence.

We had been out for one of our evening rambles, Holmes and I, and had returned about six o'clock on a cold, frosty winter's evening. As Holmes turned up the lamp the light fell upon a card on the table. He glanced at it, and then, with an ejaculation of disgust, threw it on the floor. I picked it up and read:

CHARLES AUGUSTUS MILVERTON, Appledore Towers, Hampstead. Agent.

"Who is he?" I asked.

"The worst man in London," Holmes answered, as he sat down and stretched his legs before the fire. "Is anything on the back of the card?"

I turned it over.

"Will call at 6:30--C.A.M.," I read.

"Hum! He's about due. Do you feel a creeping, shrinking sensation, Watson, when you stand before the serpents in the Zoo, and see the slithery, gliding, venomous creatures, with their deadly eyes and wicked, flattened faces? Well, that's how Milverton impresses me. I've had to do with fifty murderers in my career, but the worst of them never gave me the repulsion which I have for this fellow. And yet I can't get out of doing business with him--indeed, he is here at my invitation."

"But who is he?"

"I'll tell you, Watson. He is the king of all the blackmailers. Heaven help the man, and still more the woman, whose secret and reputation come into the power of Milverton! With a smiling face and a heart of marble, he will squeeze and squeeze until he has drained them dry. The fellow is a genius in his way, and would have made his mark in some more savoury trade. His method is as follows: He allows it to be known that he is prepared to pay very high sums for letters which compromise people of wealth and position. He receives these wares not only from treacherous valets or maids, but frequently from genteel ruffians, who have gained the confidence and affection of trusting women. He deals with no niggard hand. I happen to know that he paid seven hundred pounds to a footman for a note two lines in length, and that the ruin of a noble family was the result. Everything which is in the market goes to Milverton, and there are hundreds in this great city who turn white at his name. No one knows where his grip may fall, for he is far too rich and far too cunning to work from hand to mouth. He will hold a card back for years in order to play it at the moment when the stake is best worth winning. I have said that he is the worst man in London, and I would ask you how could one compare the ruffian, who in hot blood bludgeons his mate, with this man, who methodically and at his leisure tortures the soul and wrings the nerves in order to add to his already swollen money-bags?"

I had seldom heard my friend speak with such intensity of feeling.

"But surely," said I, "the fellow must be within the grasp of the law?"

"Technically, no doubt, but practically not. What would it profit a woman, for example, to get him a few months' imprisonment if her own ruin must immediately follow? His victims dare not hit back. If ever he blackmailed an innocent person, then indeed we should have him, but he is as cunning as the Evil One. No, no, we must find other ways to fight him."

"And why is he here?"

"Because an illustrious client has placed her piteous case in my hands. It is the Lady Eva Blackwell, the most beautiful debutante of last season. She is to be married in a fortnight to the Earl of Dovercourt. This fiend has several imprudent letters--imprudent, Watson, nothing worse--which were written to an impecunious young squire in the country. They would suffice to break off the match. Milverton will send the letters to the Earl unless a large sum of money is paid him. I have been commissioned to meet him, and--to make the best terms I can."

At that instant there was a clatter and a rattle in the street below. Looking down I saw a stately carriage and pair, the brilliant lamps gleaming on the glossy haunches of the noble chestnuts. A footman opened the door, and a small, stout man in a shaggy astrakhan overcoat descended. A minute later he was in the room.

Charles Augustus Milverton was a man of fifty, with a large, intellectual head, a round, plump, hairless face, a perpetual frozen smile, and two keen gray eyes, which gleamed brightly from behind broad, gold-rimmed glasses. There was something of Mr. Pickwick's benevolence in his appearance, marred only by the insincerity of the fixed smile and by the hard glitter of those restless and penetrating eyes. His voice was as smooth and suave as his countenance, as he advanced with a plump little hand extended, murmuring his regret for having missed us at his first visit. Holmes disregarded the outstretched hand and looked at him with a face of granite. Milverton's smile broadened, he shrugged his shoulders removed his overcoat, folded it with great deliberation over the back of a chair, and then took a seat.

"This gentleman?" said he, with a wave in my direction. "Is it discreet? Is it right?"

"Dr. Watson is my friend and partner."

"Very good, Mr. Holmes. It is only in your client's interests that I protested. The matter is so very delicate----"

"Dr. Watson has already heard of it."

"Then we can proceed to business. You say that you are acting for Lady Eva. Has she empowered you to accept my terms?"

"What are your terms?"

"Seven thousand pounds."

"And the alternative?"

"My dear sir, it is painful for me to discuss it, but if the money is not paid on the 14th, there certainly will be no marriage on the 18th." His insufferable smile was more complacent than ever.

Holmes thought for a little.

"You appear to me," he said, at last, "to be taking matters too much for granted. I am, of course, familiar with the contents of these letters. My client will certainly do what I may advise. I shall counsel her to tell her future husband the whole story and to trust to his generosity."

Milverton chuckled.

"You evidently do not know the Earl," said he.

From the baffled look upon Holmes's face, I could see clearly that he did.

"What harm is there in the letters?" he asked.

"They are sprightly--very sprightly," Milverton answered. "The lady was a charming correspondent. But I can assure you that the Earl of Dovercourt would fail to appreciate them. However, since you think otherwise, we will let it rest at that. It is purely a matter of business. If you think that it is in the best interests of your client that these letters should be placed in the hands of the Earl, then you would indeed be foolish to pay so large a sum of money to regain them." He rose and seized his astrakhan coat.

Holmes was gray with anger and mortification.

"Wait a little," he said. "You go too fast. We should certainly make every effort to avoid scandal in so delicate a matter."

Milverton relapsed into his chair.

"I was sure that you would see it in that light," he purred.

"At the same time," Holmes continued, "Lady Eva is not a wealthy woman. I assure you that two thousand pounds would be a drain upon her resources, and that the sum you name is utterly beyond her power. I beg, therefore, that you will moderate your demands, and that you will return the letters at the price I indicate, which is, I assure you, the highest that you can get."

Milverton's smile broadened and his eyes twinkled humorously.

"I am aware that what you say is true about the lady's resources," said he. "At the same time you must admit that the occasion of a lady's marriage is a very suitable time for her friends and relatives to make some little effort upon her behalf. They may hesitate as to an acceptable wedding present. Let me assure them that this little bundle of letters would give more joy than all the candelabra and butter-dishes in London."

"It is impossible," said Holmes.

"Dear me, dear me, how unfortunate!" cried Milverton, taking out a bulky pocketbook. "I cannot help thinking that ladies are ill-advised in not making an effort. Look at this!" He held up a little note with a coat-of-arms upon the envelope. "That belongs to--well, perhaps it is hardly fair to tell the name until to-morrow morning. But at that time it will be in the hands of the lady's husband. And all because she will not find a beggarly sum which she could get by turning her diamonds into paste. It IS such a pity! Now, you remember the sudden end of the engagement between the Honourable Miss Miles and Colonel Dorking? Only two days before the wedding, there was a paragraph in the MORNING POST to say that it was all off. And why? It is almost incredible, but the absurd sum of twelve hundred pounds would have settled the whole question. Is it not pitiful? And here I find you, a man of sense, boggling about terms, when your client's future and honour are at stake. You surprise me, Mr. Holmes."

"What I say is true," Holmes answered. "The money cannot be found. Surely it is better for you to take the substantial sum which I offer than to ruin this woman's career, which can profit you in no way?"

"There you make a mistake, Mr. Holmes. An exposure would profit me indirectly to a considerable extent. I have eight or ten similar cases maturing. If it was circulated among them that I had made a severe example of the Lady Eva, I should find all of them much more open to reason. You see my point?"

Holmes sprang from his chair.

"Get behind him, Watson! Don't let him out! Now, sir, let us see the contents of that notebook."

Milverton had glided as quick as a rat to the side of the room and stood with his back against the wall.

"Mr. Holmes, Mr. Holmes," he said, turning the front of his coat and exhibiting the butt of a large revolver, which projected from the inside pocket. "I have been expecting you to do something original. This has been done so often, and what good has ever come from it? I assure you that I am armed to the teeth, and I am perfectly prepared to use my weapons, knowing that the law will support me. Besides, your supposition that I would bring the letters here in a notebook is entirely mistaken. I would do nothing so foolish. And now, gentlemen, I have one or two little interviews this evening, and it is a long drive to Hampstead." He stepped forward, took up his coat, laid his hand on his revolver, and turned to the door. I picked up a chair, but Holmes shook his head, and I laid it down again. With bow, a smile, and a twinkle, Milverton was out of the room, and a few moments after we heard the slam of the carriage door and the rattle of the wheels as he drove away.

Holmes sat motionless by the fire, his hands buried deep in his trouser pockets, his chin sunk upon his breast, his eyes fixed upon the glowing embers. For half an hour he was silent and still. Then, with the gesture of a man who has taken his decision, he sprang to his feet and passed into his bedroom. A little later a rakish young workman, with a goatee beard and a swagger, lit his clay pipe at the lamp before descending into the street. "I'll be back some time, Watson," said he, and vanished into the night. I understood that he had opened his campaign against Charles Augustus Milverton, but I little dreamed the strange shape which that campaign was destined to take.

For some days Holmes came and went at all hours in this attire, but beyond a remark that his time was spent at Hampstead, and that it was not wasted, I knew nothing of what he was doing. At last, however, on a wild, tempestuous evening, when the wind screamed and rattled against the windows, he returned from his last expedition, and having removed his disguise he sat before the fire and laughed heartily in his silent inward fashion.

"You would not call me a marrying man, Watson?"

"No, indeed!"

"You'll be interested to hear that I'm engaged."

"My dear fellow! I congrat----"

"To Milverton's housemaid."

"Good heavens, Holmes!"

"I wanted information, Watson."

"Surely you have gone too far?"

"It was a most necessary step. I am a plumber with a rising business, Escott, by name. I have walked out with her each evening, and I have talked with her. Good heavens, those talks! However, I have got all I wanted. I know Milverton's house as I know the palm of my hand."

"But the girl, Holmes?"

He shrugged his shoulders.

"You can't help it, my dear Watson. You must play your cards as best you can when such a stake is on the table. However, I rejoice to say that I have a hated rival, who will certainly cut me out the instant that my back is turned. What a splendid night it is!"

"You like this weather?"

"It suits my purpose. Watson, I mean to burgle Milverton's house to-night."

I had a catching of the breath, and my skin went cold at the words, which were slowly uttered in a tone of concentrated resolution. As a flash of lightning in the night shows up in an instant every detail of a wild landscape, so at one glance I seemed to see every possible result of such an action--the detection, the capture, the honoured career ending in irreparable failure and disgrace, my friend himself lying at the mercy of the odious Milverton.

"For heaven's sake, Holmes, think what you are doing," I cried.

"My dear fellow, I have given it every consideration. I am never precipitate in my actions, nor would I adopt so energetic and, indeed, so dangerous a course, if any other were possible. Let us look at the matter clearly and fairly. I suppose that you will admit that the action is morally justifiable, though technically criminal. To burgle his house is no more than to forcibly take his pocketbook--an action in which you were prepared to aid me."

I turned it over in my mind.

"Yes," I said, "it is morally justifiable so long as our object is to take no articles save those which are used for an illegal purpose."

"Exactly. Since it is morally justifiable, I have only to consider the question of personal risk. Surely a gentleman should not lay much stress upon this, when a lady is in most desperate need of his help?"

"You will be in such a false position."

"Well, that is part of the risk. There is no other possible way of regaining these letters. The unfortunate lady has not the money, and there are none of her people in whom she could confide. To-morrow is the last day of grace, and unless we can get the letters to-night, this villain will be as good as his word and will bring about her ruin. I must, therefore, abandon my client to her fate or I must play this last card. Between ourselves, Watson, it's a sporting duel between this fellow Milverton and me. He had, as you saw, the best of the first exchanges, but my self-respect and my reputation are concerned to fight it to a finish."

"Well, I don't like it, but I suppose it must be," said I. "When do we start?"

"You are not coming."

"Then you are not going," said I. "I give you my word of honour--and I never broke it in my life--that I will take a cab straight to the police-station and give you away, unless you let me share this adventure with you."

"You can't help me."

"How do you know that? You can't tell what may happen. Anyway, my resolution is taken. Other people besides you have self-respect, and even reputations."

Holmes had looked annoyed, but his brow cleared, and he clapped me on the shoulder.

"Well, well, my dear fellow, be it so. We have shared this same room for some years, and it would be amusing if we ended by sharing the same cell. You know, Watson, I don't mind confessing to you that I have always had an idea that I would have made a highly efficient criminal. This is the chance of my lifetime in that direction. See here!" He took a neat little leather case out of a drawer, and opening it he exhibited a number of shining instruments. "This is a first-class, up-to-date burgling kit, with nickel-plated jemmy, diamond-tipped glass-cutter, adaptable keys, and every modern improvement which the march of civilization demands. Here, too, is my dark lantern. Everything is in order. Have you a pair of silent shoes?"

"I have rubber-soled tennis shoes."

"Excellent! And a mask?"

"I can make a couple out of black silk."

"I can see that you have a strong, natural turn for this sort of thing. Very good, do you make the masks. We shall have some cold supper before we start. It is now nine-thirty. At eleven we shall drive as far as Church Row. It is a quarter of an hour's walk from there to Appledore Towers. We shall be at work before midnight. Milverton is a heavy sleeper, and retires punctually at ten-thirty. With any luck we should be back here by two, with the Lady Eva's letters in my pocket."

Holmes and I put on our dress-clothes, so that we might appear to be two theatre-goers homeward bound. In Oxford Street we picked up a hansom and drove to an address in Hampstead. Here we paid off our cab, and with our great coats buttoned up, for it was bitterly cold, and the wind seemed to blow through us, we walked along the edge of the heath.

"It's a business that needs delicate treatment," said Holmes. "These documents are contained in a safe in the fellow's study, and the study is the ante-room of his bed-chamber. On the other hand, like all these stout, little men who do themselves well, he is a plethoric sleeper. Agatha--that's my fiancee--says it is a joke in the servants' hall that it's impossible to wake the master. He has a secretary who is devoted to his interests, and never budges from the study all day. That's why we are going at night. Then he has a beast of a dog which roams the garden. I met Agatha late the last two evenings, and she locks the brute up so as to give me a clear run. This is the house, this big one in its own grounds. Through the gate--now to the right among the laurels. We might put on our masks here, I think. You see, there is not a glimmer of light in any of the windows, and everything is working splendidly."

With our black silk face-coverings, which turned us into two of the most truculent figures in London, we stole up to the silent, gloomy house. A sort of tiled veranda extended along one side of it, lined by several windows and two doors.

"That's his bedroom," Holmes whispered. "This door opens straight into the study. It would suit us best, but it is bolted as well as locked, and we should make too much noise getting in. Come round here. There's a greenhouse which opens into the drawing-room."

The place was locked, but Holmes removed a circle of glass and turned the key from the inside. An instant afterwards he had closed the door behind us, and we had become felons in the eyes of the law. The thick, warm air of the conservatory and the rich, choking fragrance of exotic plants took us by the throat. He seized my hand in the darkness and led me swiftly past banks of shrubs which brushed against our faces. Holmes had remarkable powers, carefully cultivated, of seeing in the dark. Still holding my hand in one of his, he opened a door, and I was vaguely conscious that we had entered a large room in which a cigar had been smoked not long before. He felt his way among the furniture, opened another door, and closed it behind us. Putting out my hand I felt several coats hanging from the wall, and I understood that I was in a passage. We passed along it and Holmes very gently opened a door upon the right-hand side. Something rushed out at us and my heart sprang into my mouth, but I could have laughed when I realized that it was the cat. A fire was burning in this new room, and again the air was heavy with tobacco smoke. Holmes entered on tiptoe, waited for me to follow, and then very gently closed the door. We were in Milverton's study, and a portiere at the farther side showed the entrance to his bedroom.

It was a good fire, and the room was illuminated by it. Near the door I saw the gleam of an electric switch, but it was unnecessary, even if it had been safe, to turn it on. At one side of the fireplace was a heavy curtain which covered the bay window we had seen from outside. On the other side was the door which communicated with the veranda. A desk stood in the centre, with a turning-chair of shining red leather. Opposite was a large bookcase, with a marble bust of Athene on the top. In the corner, between the bookcase and the wall, there stood a tall, green safe, the firelight flashing back from the polished brass knobs upon its face. Holmes stole across and looked at it. Then he crept to the door of the bedroom, and stood with slanting head listening intently. No sound came from within. Meanwhile it had struck me that it would be wise to secure our retreat through the outer door, so I examined it. To my amazement, it was neither locked nor bolted. I touched Holmes on the arm, and he turned his masked face in that direction. I saw him start, and he was evidently as surprised as I.

"I don't like it," he whispered, putting his lips to my very ear. "I can't quite make it out. Anyhow, we have no time to lose."

"Can I do anything?"

"Yes, stand by the door. If you hear anyone come, bolt it on the inside, and we can get away as we came. If they come the other way, we can get through the door if our job is done, or hide behind these window curtains if it is not. Do you understand?"

I nodded, and stood by the door. My first feeling of fear had passed away, and I thrilled now with a keener zest than I had ever enjoyed when we were the defenders of the law instead of its defiers. The high object of our mission, the consciousness that it was unselfish and chivalrous, the villainous character of our opponent, all added to the sporting interest of the adventure. Far from feeling guilty, I rejoiced and exulted in our dangers. With a glow of admiration I watched Holmes unrolling his case of instruments and choosing his tool with the calm, scientific accuracy of a surgeon who performs a delicate operation. I knew that the opening of safes was a particular hobby with him, and I understood the joy which it gave him to be confronted with this green and gold monster, the dragon which held in its maw the reputations of many fair ladies. Turning up the cuffs of his dress-coat--he had placed his overcoat on a chair--Holmes laid out two drills, a jemmy, and several skeleton keys. I stood at the centre door with my eyes glancing at each of the others, ready for any emergency, though, indeed, my plans were somewhat vague as to what I should do if we were interrupted. For half an hour, Holmes worked with concentrated energy, laying down one tool, picking up another, handling each with the strength and delicacy of the trained mechanic. Finally I heard a click, the broad green door swung open, and inside I had a glimpse of a number of paper packets, each tied, sealed, and inscribed. Holmes picked one out, but it was as hard to read by the flickering fire, and he drew out his little dark lantern, for it was too dangerous, with Milverton in the next room, to switch on the electric light. Suddenly I saw him halt, listen intently, and then in an instant he had swung the door of the safe to, picked up his coat, stuffed his tools into the pockets, and darted behind the window curtain, motioning me to do the same.

It was only when I had joined him there that I heard what had alarmed his quicker senses. There was a noise somewhere within the house. A door slammed in the distance. Then a confused, dull murmur broke itself into the measured thud of heavy footsteps rapidly approaching. They were in the passage outside the room. They paused at the door. The door opened. There was a sharp snick as the electric light was turned on. The door closed once more, and the pungent reek of a strong cigar was borne to our nostrils. Then the footsteps continued backward and forward, backward and forward, within a few yards of us. Finally there was a creak from a chair, and the footsteps ceased. Then a key clicked in a lock, and I heard the rustle of papers.

So far I had not dared to look out, but now I gently parted the division of the curtains in front of me and peeped through. From the pressure of Holmes's shoulder against mine, I knew that he was sharing my observations. Right in front of us, and almost within our reach, was the broad, rounded back of Milverton. It was evident that we had entirely miscalculated his movements, that he had never been to his bedroom, but that he had been sitting up in some smoking or billiard room in the farther wing of the house, the windows of which we had not seen. His broad, grizzled head, with its shining patch of baldness, was in the immediate foreground of our vision. He was leaning far back in the red leather chair, his legs outstretched, a long, black cigar projecting at an angle from his mouth. He wore a semi-military smoking jacket, claret-coloured, with a black velvet collar. In his hand he held a long, legal document which he was reading in an indolent fashion, blowing rings of tobacco smoke from his lips as he did so. There was no promise of a speedy departure in his composed bearing and his comfortable attitude.

I felt Holmes's hand steal into mine and give me a reassuring shake, as if to say that the situation was within his powers, and that he was easy in his mind. I was not sure whether he had seen what was only too obvious from my position, that the door of the safe was imperfectly closed, and that Milverton might at any moment observe it. In my own mind I had determined that if I were sure, from the rigidity of his gaze, that it had caught his eye, I would at once spring out, throw my great coat over his head, pinion him, and leave the rest to Holmes. But Milverton never looked up. He was languidly interested by the papers in his hand, and page after page was turned as he followed the argument of the lawyer. At least, I thought, when he has finished the document and the cigar he will go to his room, but before he had reached the end of either, there came a remarkable development, which turned our thoughts into quite another channel.

Several times I had observed that Milverton looked at his watch, and once he had risen and sat down again, with a gesture of impatience. The idea, however, that he might have an appointment at so strange an hour never occurred to me until a faint sound reached my ears from the veranda outside. Milverton dropped his papers and sat rigid in his chair. The sound was repeated, and then there came a gentle tap at the door. Milverton rose and opened it.

"Well," said he, curtly, "you are nearly half an hour late."

So this was the explanation of the unlocked door and of the nocturnal vigil of Milverton. There was the gentle rustle of a woman's dress. I had closed the slit between the curtains as Milverton's face had turned in our direction, but now I ventured very carefully to open it once more. He had resumed his seat, the cigar still projecting at an insolent angle from the corner of his mouth. In front of him, in the full glare of the electric light, there stood a tall, slim, dark woman, a veil over her face, a mantle drawn round her chin. Her breath came quick and fast, and every inch of the lithe figure was quivering with strong emotion.

"Well," said Milverton, "you made me lose a good night's rest, my dear. I hope you'll prove worth it. You couldn't come any other time--eh?"

The woman shook her head.

"Well, if you couldn't you couldn't. If the Countess is a hard mistress, you have your chance to get level with her now. Bless the girl, what are you shivering about? That's right. Pull yourself together. Now, let us get down to business." He took a notebook from the drawer of his desk. "You say that you have five letters which compromise the Countess d'Albert. You want to sell them. I want to buy them. So far so good. It only remains to fix a price. I should want to inspect the letters, of course. If they are really good specimens--Great heavens, is it you?"

The woman, without a word, had raised her veil and dropped the mantle from her chin. It was a dark, handsome, clear-cut face which confronted Milverton--a face with a curved nose, strong, dark eyebrows shading hard, glittering eyes, and a straight, thin-lipped mouth set in a dangerous smile.

"It is I," she said, "the woman whose life you have ruined."

Milverton laughed, but fear vibrated in his voice. "You were so very obstinate," said he. "Why did you drive me to such extremities? I assure you I wouldn't hurt a fly of my own accord, but every man has his business, and what was I to do? I put the price well within your means. You would not pay."

"So you sent the letters to my husband, and he--the noblest gentleman that ever lived, a man whose boots I was never worthy to lace--he broke his gallant heart and died. You remember that last night, when I came through that door, I begged and prayed you for mercy, and you laughed in my face as you are trying to laugh now, only your coward heart cannot keep your lips from twitching. Yes, you never thought to see me here again, but it was that night which taught me how I could meet you face to face, and alone. Well, Charles Milverton, what have you to say?"

"Don't imagine that you can bully me," said he, rising to his feet. "I have only to raise my voice and I could call my servants and have you arrested. But I will make allowance for your natural anger. Leave the room at once as you came, and I will say no more."

The woman stood with her hand buried in her bosom, and the same deadly smile on her thin lips.

"You will ruin no more lives as you have ruined mine. You will wring no more hearts as you wrung mine. I will free the world of a poisonous thing. Take that, you hound--and that!--and that!--and that!"

She had drawn a little gleaming revolver, and emptied barrel after barrel into Milverton's body, the muzzle within two feet of his shirt front. He shrank away and then fell forward upon the table, coughing furiously and clawing among the papers. Then he staggered to his feet, received another shot, and rolled upon the floor. "You've done me," he cried, and lay still. The woman looked at him intently, and ground her heel into his upturned face. She looked again, but there was no sound or movement. I heard a sharp rustle, the night air blew into the heated room, and the avenger was gone.

No interference upon our part could have saved the man from his fate, but, as the woman poured bullet after bullet into Milverton's shrinking body I was about to spring out, when I felt Holmes's cold, strong grasp upon my wrist. I understood the whole argument of that firm, restraining grip--that it was no affair of ours, that justice had overtaken a villain, that we had our own duties and our own objects, which were not to be lost sight of. But hardly had the woman rushed from the room when Holmes, with swift, silent steps, was over at the other door. He turned the key in the lock. At the same instant we heard voices in the house and the sound of hurrying feet. The revolver shots had roused the household. With perfect coolness Holmes slipped across to the safe, filled his two arms with bundles of letters, and poured them all into the fire. Again and again he did it, until the safe was empty. Someone turned the handle and beat upon the outside of the door. Holmes looked swiftly round. The letter which had been the messenger of death for Milverton lay, all mottled with his blood, upon the table. Holmes tossed it in among the blazing papers. Then he drew the key from the outer door, passed through after me, and locked it on the outside. "This way, Watson," said he, "we can scale the garden wall in this direction."

I could not have believed that an alarm could have spread so swiftly. Looking back, the huge house was one blaze of light. The front door was open, and figures were rushing down the drive. The whole garden was alive with people, and one fellow raised a view-halloa as we emerged from the veranda and followed hard at our heels. Holmes seemed to know the grounds perfectly, and he threaded his way swiftly among a plantation of small trees, I close at his heels, and our foremost pursuer panting behind us. It was a six-foot wall which barred our path, but he sprang to the top and over. As I did the same I felt the hand of the man behind me grab at my ankle, but I kicked myself free and scrambled over a grass-strewn coping. I fell upon my face among some bushes, but Holmes had me on my feet in an instant, and together we dashed away across the huge expanse of Hampstead Heath. We had run two miles, I suppose, before Holmes at last halted and listened intently. All was absolute silence behind us. We had shaken off our pursuers and were safe.

We had breakfasted and were smoking our morning pipe on the day after the remarkable experience which I have recorded, when Mr. Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, very solemn and impressive, was ushered into our modest sitting-room.

"Good-morning, Mr. Holmes," said he; "good-morning. May I ask if you are very busy just now?"

"Not too busy to listen to you."

"I thought that, perhaps, if you had nothing particular on hand, you might care to assist us in a most remarkable case, which occurred only last night at Hampstead."

"Dear me!" said Holmes. "What was that?"

"A murder--a most dramatic and remarkable murder. I know how keen you are upon these things, and I would take it as a great favour if you would step down to Appledore Towers, and give us the benefit of your advice. It is no ordinary crime. We have had our eyes upon this Mr. Milverton for some time, and, between ourselves, he was a bit of a villain. He is known to have held papers which he used for blackmailing purposes. These papers have all been burned by the murderers. No article of value was taken, as it is probable that the criminals were men of good position, whose sole object was to prevent social exposure."

"Criminals?" said Holmes. "Plural?"

"Yes, there were two of them. They were as nearly as possible captured red-handed. We have their footmarks, we have their description, it's ten to one that we trace them. The first fellow was a bit too active, but the second was caught by the under-gardener, and only got away after a struggle. He was a middle-sized, strongly built man--square jaw, thick neck, moustache, a mask over his eyes."

"That's rather vague," said Sherlock Holmes. "My, it might be a description of Watson!"

"It's true," said the inspector, with amusement. "It might be a description of Watson."

"Well, I'm afraid I can't help you, Lestrade," said Holmes. "The fact is that I knew this fellow Milverton, that I considered him one of the most dangerous men in London, and that I think there are certain crimes which the law cannot touch, and which therefore, to some extent, justify private revenge. No, it's no use arguing. I have made up my mind. My sympathies are with the criminals rather than with the victim, and I will not handle this case."

Holmes had not said one word to me about the tragedy which we had witnessed, but I observed all the morning that he was in his most thoughtful mood, and he gave me the impression, from his vacant eyes and his abstracted manner, of a man who is striving to recall something to his memory. We were in the middle of our lunch, when he suddenly sprang to his feet. "By Jove, Watson, I've got it!" he cried. "Take your hat! Come with me!" He hurried at his top speed down Baker Street and along Oxford Street, until we had almost reached Regent Circus. Here, on the left hand, there stands a shop window filled with photographs of the celebrities and beauties of the day. Holmes's eyes fixed themselves upon one of them, and following his gaze I saw the picture of a regal and stately lady in Court dress, with a high diamond tiara upon her noble head. I looked at that delicately curved nose, at the marked eyebrows, at the straight mouth, and the strong little chin beneath it. Then I caught my breath as I read the time-honoured title of the great nobleman and statesman whose wife she had been. My eyes met those of Holmes, and he put his finger to his lips as we turned away from the window.

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Essay Outline Explained: 7 Things You Should Do Before Writing an Essay

Learn the seven things you should do before writing an essay and ace the art of writing essay outline.

Creating an essay outline is by all means the most effective and motivating way of learning the writing assignment, organising your ideas on the essay topic, and positioning your own point of view.

The importance of essay outline in writing process is hard to underestimate. It is the solid foundation of a well-structured and considered essay with enchanting essay topic, logically organised paragraphs, strong thesis statements, and unforgettable conclusions. The essay outline helps you put your thoughts together, and have a clear idea of what the essay should be all about.

I could go on, but the point is: when you write your essay outline first, the process of essay writing becomes a piece of cake! However, to make a truly effective and well-organized essay outline, you need to follow these important preparatory steps:

* Read the Question of Your Essay and Decode It

The first and most important step you should take before writing an essay is to understand what your professor wants to see in your essay wanted from you, thus to decode the writing assignment. The solution to this riddle can be found in your essay question, which asks you either to discuss, compare, contrast, or summarise certain issues. When you know what is expected from you, you know which way of writing an essay to choose.

Just to play safe, here are the definitions of the essay questions, so that you could refresh your memory:

1. “compare” in an essay question means to list in an extended way points of similarity between two or more things;
2. “contrast” asks to dwell on the differences of several things;
3. when “summarising” you are supposed to write down all you know on the essay topic;
4. a “discussion” requires putting the cases for or against some proposition and end with stating your own position;
5. “consider” means to describe a certain subject and say how effective it is.

Once you know what you ought to do, you can get down to creating the essay outline.

* Verify the Assignment Requirements

But before you do so, you need to verify the requirements for your essay. In the department’s guidelines you shall find the deadlines, the requirements for the essay length and presentation. If some points are not clear to you, do not hesitate to verify them with your teacher. The more you know the better chances your have to write an outstanding essay.

* Write a Thesis Statement at the Top of Your Paper

You must know that a thesis statement is a single declarative sentence that contains the focus of your essay and tells the readers what it will be all about. But except for helping your readers with understanding your essay, it is of great help to you as well.

A thesis statement helps you think through your ideas and their overall presentation to the readers. Moreover, it is the wishful salvation each time you get sidetracked from the main idea of your essay, and want to come back to the initial point.

Your should not skip the process of writing a thesis statement at the top of your paper, right after your essay outline. Thus, be sure you compose a strong thesis statement for your essay outline.

* Brainstorm Ideas for Your Essay

Once a thesis statement is ready, you should start brainstorming your ideas that relate to your thesis statement. Write down all ideas that come to your mind and are related to your topic, even if they are seemingly bizarre or outlandish. You should let your ideas flow as rapidly and spontaneously as possible. When you have collected all your ideas, be sure to revisit them and discard the ones that seem useless.

* Gather Evidence

It goes without saying that all ideas in your essay must be supported with some evidence that should consist of specific examples or opinions of others. The supporting evidence should prove your thesis statement. Thus, it must be relevant, reliable and presentable.

So, you need to sweat a bit and gather relevant information on your essay topic and select the materials that will come in handy. It is advised not to neglect the basic sources you use every day. Thus, start examining your lecture notes, core texts and handouts. They usually include a sufficient amount of useful information that will supply you with great ideas for the essay outline.

If you want to deepen into the essay topic, you can pick some other sources with detailed information on your essay topic. For instance, articles in journals, or texts referred to by your teacher can provide you with extremely valuable information. But be selective, and do not fall on the first source that you come across. Make a thorough and painstaking search.

* Organise Your Essay Ideas

Once you have collected the information, you need to think through the structure of your essay and create the first draft. Your essay must be planned in the way that it has a coherent and logical structure.

So far there are no universal standards for organising ideas in essays. However, all your ideas must be arranged in the logical way. For instance, the logical sequence of your facts could be presented in a simple to complex form, be specific or general, etc. Either way, choose which is most appropriate in your case.

When structuring your ideas, do not be too wordy; write down your points in brief one-line sentences that are arranged in a series of headings and subheadings. Use bullet points to describe what each paragraph will contain.

* Keep References

In the process of gathering information and brainstorming you must remember to write down everything you have consulted as you go along in order to be able to create a bibliography or list of references. Have a notebook where you can put down the information you will need later. Such trick will help you avoid the needless headache when you will be writing an essay.

This is your seven-point plan that you should carry out before writing an essay. The outline with your properly organised ideas, notesFeature Articles, a thesis statement and references will be indispensable when the direct writing process will take place. This action plan will help you prepare your essay outline and save you from many hurdles of essay writing.

Essay Writing Paper | Buy Essay
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Essay writing services, are they safe tip use?

Essay writing services help to avoid the hassle of last-minute essay writing and get help writing essays.

One late afternoon you come back home after just another hang-out, anticipating a quick shower and a sound sleep. But your dreams are harshly wiped out by a dreadful recollection – you’ve got to write an essay for tomorrow! In a trice, a fabulous evening night is ruined by the hellish and tedious essay writing you’ve got to do overnight.

Unfortunately, you are in the same boat with thousands of students who cannot bore themselves with essay writing due to the hectic lifestyles they lead: trying to keep in touch with their friends, pursuing their hobbies, going into sports and starting their carriers. Essay writing turns into a dreading obligation you have to carry.

The desired aid comes in a form of essay writing services that help avoid the hassle of last-minute essay writing and get help writing essays. If you have never gone for essay writing services and have a very little knowledge of the way they run, I can give you my hands-on experience of finding a service that would best match your needs.

“Essay Plants” Service The cheapest and easiest way to fix your problem would be getting an essay from one of the sites labeled as “essay plants.” These web-sites offer thousands of free essays on any topic you could imagine. You just browse the essay catalog, copy as many essays as you like and then make up your own. It is a handy way to get your essay done in no time at all. And it’s all FREE! But don’t swallow a bite that easily. Getting a free pre-written essay from “essay plants” is the easiest way to get in trouble. First, there is no control over the quality of essays that are in the database of “essay plants”. Second, essays taken from an “essay plant” are likely to fail the plagiarism test with Turnitin - a service that detects plagiarism by comparing the students’ essay against online material and a database of previously submitted papers. Thus, you can opt for “essay plants” only as the source of good ideas on how to organize your essay papers, choose the right drift, etc. However, they cannot provide you with reliable essay papers of a due quality. Moreover, “essay plants” will not save you troubles you wish to avoid.

“Paper Mills” Service “Paper mills” are the essay writing services that offer thousands of downloadable pre-written essays on any topic from a program known as “essay exchange.” It means that in order to download an essay for free, you have to submit your own essay. Still it is not the only way “paper mills” run. You can also find “paper mills” that do not require the upload instead of a download. The pricing policy of “paper mills” varies distinctly:

some sites give the papers away for free;

some give essay papers away but require you to register;

some sites charge only a membership fee that allows subsequent access;

most charge by the page, ranging from $1-$10 per page;

if your paper is due tomorrow and mail is too slow, you can get immediate delivery by e-mail – for an extra $15;

some sites even run sales and summer blowout specials. Seems like a nice option… but still it’s a trap. Chances of getting a high-quality essay from “paper mills” are similarly low as in case of “essay plants,” since “paper mills” don’t tend to check the quality of incoming essays. Thus, you are likely to pay the service charge for nothing worth a penny. Moreover, the essays you download from “paper mills” are likely to fail the plagiarism test as well. Since it is a common practice for students to exchange their own essays with others, Turnitin is able to detect the origin of your paper at ease.

Custom Writing Service It may seem there is no safe way of getting a truly well-done essay within a short period of time and with minimum efforts on your part. But don’t be easily upset, since you can always turn for essay help to custom writing services, which promise you to deliver a plagiarism-free essay in a due time, of a due quality, and at a reasonable cost. The main advantage of custom writing services is that they write your paper from scratch following your specific instructions and individual requirements that you provide in order form. You are the sole owner of the end product and you are guaranteed that your paper is never used again for commercial, non-profit or any other purposes. People who work in custom writing industry are usually professional freelance writers with undergraduate or graduate degree and some years of experience in academic writing.

They not only research and write your paper, but also take care of the tiniest details, such as outline, citation style or format – to make it look well-done and please your professor. However, there is one thing you have to be aware of: you can’t have such paper in a blink. You have to wait at least 24 hrs before your paper is written. And remember that a 20 page research project won’t be written in such a short period of time anyway. So, the major disadvantage of using custom writing services is that they won’t give you an instant relief. Either you’ll have to negotiate a deadline with your professor, or plan using this service in advance. custom Term papers Usually custom essay writing services have a single-step order process.

First, you fill in the order form with the requirements for your essay, such as paper length, formatting style, use of specific sources, etc. Then, a confirmation letter arrives to your email box with the access to the online account where you can further download your custom essays they are ready. Buy essay The average price for custom essays varies from $13,95 per page (for delivery within 4 days) to $24, 95 per page (for delivery within 24 hrs). These are simple and straightforward prices with no hidden costs. However, you should always look for services that offer some type of guarantee or free revision if you are not quite happy with the paper.

As you understand, a custom paper is like a custom tailoring – you may need a couple of fixes before you are completely satisfied. Custom essaysSo, if you experience too much stress and exhaustion from your hectic schedule and never-ending paper deadlines, and you no longer wish to spend sleepless nights under extreme pressure of writing your last-minute paper, a custom essay writing service might be an option for you to consider. OtherwiseFree Articles, do plan your time in advance and don’t procrastinate your writing assignments – and you’ll save yourself from needless troubles and extra expenses.

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There is No More GeoCities

GeoCities, Yahoo's popular free website creation service is coming to an end this year. The free hosting service, which was a hit for Yahoo since the beginning of this generation of the Web was not successful in terms of making money for the Web giant.

Yahoo had bought GeoCities in 1999 spending about 3.6 billion dollars. The following is what you will find at the GeoCities home page now.
geocities closed
Though the existing accounts will remain live, there is no guarantee that they will remain so in the future. As a measure to monetize GeoCities userbase, Yahoo recommends upgrade to the Yahoo Web Hosting Service as well.
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