xFruits: A Review

[A guest post by Bishal Adhikari from Tech Tips and Tricks]

RSS Feeds are a great way to get regularly updated on the latest news on your favorite blogs. But there are people who don’t know much about RSS feeds or about subscribing to them but could be used to reading PDFs(ebooks). So, if you don’t want to lose such readers, xFruits is a great tool to get PDFs out of your feeds.

You can have readers directly read the PDF version of your feeds. xFruits has a handful of useful tools to get more out of your RSS feeds. Using the RSS-to-PDF tool, you can easily convert your RSS feed to PDF format. Or if you like, you can add a download PDF button to every post on your blog so that readers directly download the PDF from any post they come across. Isn’t that cool?

Most of the popular blogs have their content available for the mobile users and have a fully optimized mobile version of their sites. But everyone may not have the resources to run a mobile version of their websites. xFruits comes in handy for this purpose as well. xFruits lets you make a very simple HTML version of your blog with its RSS-to-Mobile tool. Add your feed URL to the RSS-to-Mobile tool, add relevant tags, click publish and you’re done. After this, the feed gets published via a URL on your xFruit profile which displays all of the latest post titles from your feed in the left navigation bar. The content on the other hand is displayed in the main panel.

The site generated by xFruits isn’t cool at looks and is extremely simple. But it opens and loads fast and is perfect for opening with mobile browsers like Opera or Firefox’s Fennec for mobile. Besides this it also sends your new data feed to other syndication services like Technorati and MyYahoo.

xFruits is a great tool to use your RSS feed in multiple ways. Go ahead and give it a try.
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Online Graduate Degree Programs

An online graduate degree program is a way for professionals to seek advancement by continuing education and to further enhance knowledge and skills that are needed in today's ever changing world. This is a commitment made by professionals who have already obtained a bachelors degree. Master and doctorate programs involve specialized study within a specific area. Online graduate degree programs enhance the development of students to teach practical applications through real life experiences with customized curriculum.

Seeking a masters or doctorate through an accredited institution will provide the student with a legitimate certification. Many online graduate degree programs offer links on their website to large database libraries with additional information and links to courses that offer additional study and training such as grammar exercises, etc. The need for distance learning has escalated to the point that the choices are numerous and the studies are well tried and proven true. Seeking an online graduate degree program is being pursued by many professionals in the world today, with excellent results.

Before beginning a course of study, a person should clearly assess personal goals and understand the direction needed to achieve those goals. It is important to consider all options for online graduate degree programs by taking the time to do research to find out about the institution and feedback regarding the programs available, as well as the success that other students have had in completing these courses. Academic, enrollment, and financial counselors, as well as other professionals, will be more than happy to answer questions about their online graduate degree program. This coursework makes sense for job seekers looking for career changes or to excel within the same career field.

In pursuing a graduate online degree, the student should study the job market, what positions are available and the salary ranges of these positions. There are sites online that will allow comparisons between different online graduate degree programs. Studies show that students who hold a masters will earn $10,000 more per year than a student who holds a bachelors. Some of the many choices available for an online graduate degree program are; accounting and finance, business administration, computer science, criminal justice, engineering, environmental science, health care administration human resources, human services, information systems technology, etc.

Life Experience Degree
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Master Degree In Information Security

Online master degree in information security opportunities are expanding as the need for heightened security is prevalent to protect and secure data within government agencies and organizations. This involves learning fundamentals of computer programming and learning new technology, as well as knowledge of computer systems and software. This can enhance knowledge about any threats and solutions to those threats and how to keep a company's systems secure and teach how to develop disaster recovery.

The demand for this knowledge is growing exponentially as companies combat security threats breached by hackers, trojans, viruses, worms, etc. Online master degree in information security will teach how to apply measures to prevent hackers from breaking into computer networks and will focus on the protection of the database, etc. This type of security will teach solutions to students to ensure that computer systems are secure and how to implement policies to maintain it. It is imperative that a plan is put into place within a company to provide safeguards and maintain them on an ongoing basis.

Studies showed that 50 percent of students graduating with online degree in information security are employed with government agencies. These individuals work towards providing safety and maintaining consistency to meet the demands to keep all data secure in the highest priority. It takes into consideration access to data files, environmental controls, communications, computer usage, hard and software considerations, modems, voice mail, wireless connections, and evaluates the knowledge of computer users employed by a company.

This degree program will teach advanced technology with a solid base and prepare the student for a career in data security. Professionals are needed who can continually adapt and integrate technology within any given system to provide maximum security needed within an agency or organization. Online master degree in information security will allow one to learn to develop, recover and protect a company's information. Securing integrity within today's business environment is crucial. Company systems must be kept safe, especially those in the avenues of banking, defense and commerce.

With information and knowledge increasing, so is the need for professionals who have acquired education in information security. With identities being stolen by hackers, accessing personal information from a company's computerized infrastructure or a personal computer belonging to one individual, the need for information to be kept secure will only increase. "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.

Life Experience Degree
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MBA Online Program

MBA online program curriculums include a variety of business courses aimed at advancing a student to the next level of business management, human resources, project management and economics. They require a prospective student to have received a Bachelors degree. Students coming from any discipline are invited to enroll, however, these programs best benefit current businessmen/women who desire to build upon their administrative and executive knowledge and job functions. Requirements usually call for interactive team projects and some that should be directly related to the student's employment. MBA online programs are completed entirely online with no requirement for physical classroom attendance.

These provide working professionals with a way to advance their education while balancing their family responsibilities. The courses for an MBA online program can be completed on a flexible time table and assignments and reading can be done at any time throughout the day. Most people find it easier to either study early in the morning before anyone awakens, or late in the evening after everyone has gone to sleep. Some professionals even take time out of their lunch to "attend class". Attending class consists of logging in to a website geared to simulate a virtual classroom. There the student can submit assignments, respond to others answers and ask questions. Within 24 hours a response from a teacher is usually seen.

Classes in the online degree program consists of Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, Information Systems and a host of other management and leadership classes. Some MBA online programs may require attendance at certain seminars or workshops. They usually all involve a team project. These team projects help to facilitate leadership skills as well as how to delegate responsibilities within an organization. Whether in a work environment or a virtual academic one, working with others is unavoidable. With telecommunications growing at a rapid rate and more work projects being completed by team members in different locations, a practice run in the virtual classroom is wonderful experience.

If a student would like to ensure that their degree is nationally recognized by employers and other institutions of higher education should they want to continue to a more advanced degree, accreditation is needed. Accreditation is the standard by which degree granting colleges and universities need to adhere to. There are six regional accreditation agencies and two private. Be sure to ask if the college or university offering the online program is accredited. If accreditation is not needed and the MBA online program is for personal enrichment, then be sure to review their curriculum and the methods of instruction used. It is advised that a student seek the advice of a professional educator, administrator or counselor before enrolling in any MBA online programs, as well as looking to the Lord for His direction.

Life Experience Degree
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Masters Degree In Counseling

Getting a masters degree in counseling is one way a person can give back to society in a positive and productive manner. Counselors can have dramatic effects on those that sit under their guidance and millions of people are living proof that the right words at the right time can be life-altering. From prisons and hospitals to schools and churches, those who have a masters degree in counseling provide hope, courage and wisdom for those who need advice and guidance for many of life's dilemmas. But because the role of the counselor is so important, the attainment of a masters degree in counseling is not easy. Those laden with the responsibility of training future counselors are slow to recommend candidates for that very reason. Someone wishing to attain the role of an advisor must have the right motives and character, for permanent damage can be done to a client that is exposed to the self- aggrandizing actions of a misguided or debauched counselor.

The requirements for a masters degree in counseling or advising will vary from school to school and from discipline to discipline. For example, a person may choose a direction in which to go such as industrial, public school, hospital, marriage and family, faith based, mental health and grief counseling. Each of these areas requires specific course training and many are licensed specifically for these areas of service. The hours required for a masters will depend on the school. Typically, the program requirements will consist of about sixty credit hours with as many as six hundred hours or more required for an internship. Oftentimes a thesis is not required as mandated in other postgraduate programs.

Core courses will include theory, research methods, addictive behaviors, legal and ethical issues, psychopathology and lifespan development. No matter the interest of any future counselor, these courses and others will be covered. The internship of a future counseling candidate will be an intensive program in the field using the knowledge gained in the classroom. Supervisors from both the internship site as well as the academic department of the school will participate in the fitness evaluation of the candidate for fulltime service. Close supervision will be maintained to monitor proper counselor/client relationships and behavior.

Every masters online degree in counseling earned by a student is not the same, because each learning institute issuing such a degree comes at the issue of counseling from a different perspective. A counseling degree from a humanistic bent may encourage a particular view of dealing positively with a problem without the influence of judgment, while a faith-based bent may look at the same problem as one caused by the resident sin present in all men. One approach to a problem may call for a person to understand why they do a certain thing or think a certain way and then accept that way of thinking as simply human and of no moral consequence. Another approach may call for a person to recognize a way of thinking as morally and perhaps spiritually destructive and of eternal consequence. And while all counseling should be a positive experience, not calling a person to moral and spiritual responsibility for actions and attitudes may be the supreme difference between a humanistic approach to counseling and an approach that is nouthetic or confrontational. "There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God; they are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is no one that doeth good, no, not one." (Romans 3:11-12)

Those with a masters degree in counseling can work in some pretty exciting places. For example, an industrial counselor has the opportunity to help workers in large corporate or industrial settings to work through problems and issues they are facing. School counselors can help young kids in the same manner. Grief counselors can do wonderful work in hospices and counselors in hospitals can aid families going through difficult periods. There are few vocations where a professional can make such a positive difference in someone's life, if the one being counseled is willing to open up and allow change to occur.

In order to get a masters degree in counseling, a person must first get into graduate school. There are online schools that offer a masters degree in counseling but the school accreditation may be suspect in terms of it being accepted by many employers. Online schools may offer an accredited degree by some governing body, however the six regional major accrediting agencies in the country are the agencies most widely recognized for flagship sanctioning. These same agencies accredit the majority of brick and mortar universities and colleges across the country. If the goal is to receive a post graduate diploma that can be the basis for employment, much care should be taken before using an online educational provider. Ascertain the validity of its accreditation and acceptance in the desired field of service.

If a person has been out of college for a while, he will probably be asked to take the GMAT entrance exam for graduate school. If the score is low, the student may have to go back and do some more undergraduate work before being admitted into grad school. Those who attain a masters in counseling can look forward to making an average of between forty and seventy thousand dollars for most positions. Those receiving a PhD will often see a higher income level. The person who is placed in the position as a counselor has one of the most trusted and honored positions in all employment. People who are hurting, broken and often dysfunctional look to an advisor for help and direction. The responsibility of the counselor is to keep that trust and maintain a professional relationship with the client at all times.

Life Experience Degree
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Nursing Degree Online

A nursing degree online is earned on the web by people living a hectic lifestyle who are trying to advance or start a career in healthcare. Enrollment for nursing degrees online, are expanding rapidly due to the high demand for professionals needed in the healthcare industry. Job opportunities are good and earnings are above average with more than 2 million jobs available. Acquiring a web education will offer many benefits over traditional campus education. Saving time on travel, no classes to attend, studying at one's own pace and the cost is usually less than a traditional campus education.

Web education provides an alternative to the traditional campus educational setting, which is attained by using a computer and posting to a newsgroup and or email. Nursing online degree are offered through many higher learning institutions. The prerequisite requirements are set by the individual institutions and may include, a SAT or ACT exam, high school diploma with a 2.0 to 3.25 GPA or general equivalency diploma. Web courses may include, discussion groups, chats, emails, video streams and video conferencing. Each institution offering a nursing degree online can provide the student with specs on hardware and software requirements related to computer use.

Financing is available through most institutions offering distance education for nurses. Some institutions give credits for work related experience. Many different programs are offered for nursing degrees online such as, an associate's, bachelor's, master's and or doctorate as well as forensic and legal nursing degrees. A professional nurse would hold a bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree. A technical nurse would hold an associate's degree and a practical nurse would have 1 year of classroom and training in a hospital setting. The nursing degree online programs involve human biology, medical techniques, chemistry and drugs, crisis management, clinical research, special and cardiac care and various other training and areas of learning.

A program involving an associate's degree would include training in patient care, minor surgery assistance, injections, lab and x-ray, patient records, billing, scheduling appointments, ordering supplies and filing insurance claims. A bachelor's program would include training in professional and technical skills as well as biological, physical and social science, liberal arts and the development of intellectual, social and cultural skills. Nursing degrees online involving a master's program would include training in accessing, diagnosing and initiating treatment for patient care, monitoring and care of patients, advanced knowledge of nursing theory and clinical research. All of these are vital to the job, but most importantly, a nurse will learn to be there for the patients.

Life Experience Degree
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Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Online criminal justice degrees are a popular choice for people who want to uphold the law and possibly make a difference in the world. Many are interested in helping cities and states fight crime and create a better place for future generations. Anyone that carries this desire and the strong urge to teach safety and crime awareness should pursue an online criminal justice degree. This program of study will help to equip and prepare anyone interested for the topics relevant to safety and awareness in today's society. "Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness." (Romans 6:18)

The first step a person must take in pursuing this online degree program is to find what colleges or universities offer Internet courses on this subject. There are schools that have set up a cyber education program so that those who are interested in pursuing an online criminal justice degree can. These schools make it easier for those with hectic schedules to find the time needed to take classes to fit into their daily lives. The schools that offer online criminal justice degrees want students to do their very best and get the most out of an education. They want their graduates to be trained and well equipped for the work force. They will provide the top professors and the most educated in their field, to teach students about criminal justice issues and how to offer their experience and education to a world that is deeply troubled.

For those people concerned about the welfare of the nation and the world, it is never too early or too late to seek an education in criminal justice. Whether a person wants to pursue a career in politics, law enforcement, or other legal fields, they can discover the world of possibilities when they pursue online criminal justice degrees. Students will become more informed about the issues that the world faces and how they can make a difference in their cities and states. The individual will also be able to become an advocate on those issues they are most passionate about including drug awareness and many other crimes and problems. Anyone interested in this field can bring a lot to the table when they are formally educated on the issues and topics relevant with an online criminal justice degree. This is a great opportunity to help people become aware of public policies, crime awareness, and safety issues. Everyone has a right to feel safe in their neighborhood and home, to be free to live life to the fullest.

Life Experience Degree
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Online Undergraduate Degree

Online undergraduate degrees have changed the view of many people who thought getting a higher education would be impossible because of their circumstances, whether the problem was the distance to a campus or the lack of time. The advantage of being able to access ones classroom any time, study at a convenient, and never having to leave home is irresistible. There have always been families who couldn't spare a child who was valuable to maintaining the family (as in farmers), so higher education was impossible. Until online undergraduate degree programs came into being, there wasn't much recourse for that youngster. The Internet and the distance learning options it provides have opened a whole new world of possibilities for someone in difficult circumstances. Someone who is already in the work force and away from his childhood home might have to meet higher educational requirements to advance in the company. Online programs allow that person to continue doing the job while studying evenings or early morning.

Even if a person has married and has a family, the availability of distance learning opens the door of opportunity. Whether advancement with a current employer is the goal, or a completely different job with another company, an online undergraduate degree provides the means to make such goals a reality. When a student doesn't have to drive to another location for classes, both time and money are saved. Stay-at-home moms can study for a future career while taking care of their families with online undergraduate degrees. With so many parents choosing to home school their children, distance learning programs in education are appealing. Online programs in fashion design, marketing, business administration, or accounting might be just the courses needed to prepare someone for that dream job he always wanted.

There are employers today who require a higher education for certain jobs than they did a few years ago. For the employee who wants to qualify, an online degree is ideal. Where once hard work, promptness, and loyalty were guarantees of a job for a lifetime, that is no longer the case. An advanced degree can give an employee protection when companies merge and start cutting personnel. Online undergraduate degrees provide an employee with greater options when the company folds. The business community is in a state of flux these days, and anyone with an advanced degree under his belt will survive.

Of course, there is still another reason for some people to seek a post secondary education, and that is the elusive "sense of fulfillment" that comes with learning something one has always wanted to know. Perhaps it's a language or a skill an individual has always wanted to master like writing or computer programming. The possibilities are endless. Whatever the reason for pursuing advanced learning, it is a goal worth pursuing. "A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.

Life Experience Degree
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Psychology Degree Online

A psychology degree online program is an exciting way to gain the education one is looking for without having to leave the privacy of her home. There are many programs to choose from, from clinical to counseling and various levels of degrees from a Bachelors to PhD. Within the graduate program arena, there are also a great deal of options. One can earn a PhD, PsyD or EdD. A PhD programs offers knowledge in both theory and methods, while an EdD concentrates on education and child development. A PsyD focuses on counseling in many areas. The types of psychology degrees online are numerous; students should base their choices on their talents and areas of interest.

Completing a bachelors program is the first step a person must take toward becoming a psychologist. If one plans on being a social worker, school psychologist or a marriage, child or family counselor, a bachelors must be supplemented with a Master's degree. If an individual is interested in clinical practice she will be required to earn a PhD in addition. All these psychology degrees online are available today through the Internet at various colleges and universities across the nation. In addition to completed coursework, one must be licensed to practice as a psychologist. Most states require 2-year of supervised experience as well as a case study. There is also a national multiple choice exam that must be taken.

Online programs provide a great deal of convenience and flexibility, but are not for every type of learner. A psychology degree online program challenges participants to be self motivated in order to earn a degree. Because of the freedom offered, students must be diligent in study habits and have the ability to work independently. There won't be anyone looking over their shoulders to push them to do assignment or turn work in on time. There is no face-to-face interaction with professors so one must have good reading comprehension and independent learning skills. Psychology degrees online do often feature interactive forums where student can converse with other students and their professors at a scheduled time or through messaging threads. Professors tend to be prompt in responding to emails as well. Self-motivated students who are adaptable and accommodating with instructors will find the experience of learning online enjoyable.

To locate an online degree program, the best place to start is often the Internet. There are many psychology degree online programs offered through accredited colleges and universities. Several Christian colleges now offer psychology degrees online. These institutions have impeccable reputations and will give a Christian world view of the profession. The Christian psychology perspective differs greatly from the world's view. A Christian should examination the psyche from a Biblical perspective. As a Christian, one should look for an education that teaches the perspective "be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Life Experience Degree
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