Online Computer Degree

Online computer degrees will allow people to study information technology and other computer-based skills through Internet coursework. This can be the start of a long, exciting career in a field that has changed communication as drastically as the invention of the telephone impacted the world. If a person is looking for a career that will always be in high demand and a field with broadening job opportunities resulting from each new development, then an online computer degree is where to start. Technological advancements in information technology have made this a necessary staple among degree programs offered by most colleges, universities and technical schools. Instruction in information technology is offered through traditional or online educational formats with online courses widely chosen by students who require flexibility and convenience.

With over 2 million Internet students in the country today, the distance learning format has revolutionized the way a student can get an education. Learning with online computer degree programs is possible from the comfort of a home or office and is cost effective when compared to on-campus studies. Flexible scheduling allows some programs to be completed in less than average time through a fast track course completion. The post-high school student can enter the work force in as little as a few months or 2-3 years for a diploma or certificate program. Of course graduate and post-graduate degrees will require lengthier instruction but also more earning potential and job selection. "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 3:14)

This field of study uses the perfect educational format for their particular requirements. Offering the most advanced educational technologies to instruct students, online computer degrees can provide the student with information technology instruction but also will require proficiency in using the Internet format. Web-based options such as streaming media, flash media, web cams, discussion forums, email and other media tools are used in programs offering an interesting approach to educational instruction. Competent instructors guide and provide feedback to the e-learner via Internet connection as well as by phone and email. This provides the student with the personal touch that on-campus students enjoy.

An associates, bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees with varying specialties can be earned from accredited universities, colleges and tech schools. Specialties such as networking, software, database, general information technology and much more are offered through IT programs. Careers in graphics, digital media, web programming, systems analysis, and computer engineering are just a few of the areas that online computer degrees can offer to the IT student. If an individual is not sure which area interests them the most but they have a desire to study towards an online degree, they can check with their favorite university sites for more information regarding courses offered or call the admissions offices. Usually a catalogue and handbook can be downloaded for the students use as well.

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Online Computer Science Degrees

Online computer science degrees are available at all levels through accredited institutions that have web courses in the field, making it convenient for those who love computers to earn an education and good job in technology. The reason so many people are getting this type of education can vary, but most of the time it is because of their interest in the area. Another reason a person might pursue an online computer science degree is because of job security. Since we live in a society that thrives on new advances in technology, those with education in this field will always be needed.

An Internet education, unlike a traditional one, can require hard work and determination. There is no need to fear because of the subject matter that has to be learned, but there is an attitude of discipline and diligence that should be acquired. Just like riding a bike, practice in the area of computer science is important. Students must take classes that will help them to become the best in the field. They need to take required courses, study and learn the material within the major, and have confidence in their abilities. With this approach, getting online computer science degrees at graduation will be exciting and a great accomplishment.

These programs aren't meant for everyone. However, those who have a serious desire to pursue an online computer science degree should research different universities, colleges, and trade schools that offer programs on the latest technology. It's important to narrow down a field of interest such as working with engineers who build bridges, working with computer companies which will need employees who know the latest advances, or working to help the military in their operations. Researching and narrowing down one's desires will help in planning a suitable education leading to the perfect career.

If cost is a concern, the student should talk with the financial aid department of different schools and see if they provide assistance. Scholarships and work internships might be available to help cover the cost of an online computer science online degree. It is important to not let the cost of an education put anyone's dreams on hold. There are ways to get the online computer science degrees while still being able to pay for it. Students can turn to God for His provision. "Though he had commanded the clouds from above, and opened the doors of heaven, And had rained down manna upon them to eat, and had given them of the corn of heaven.

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Online Continuing Education Courses

Participating in online continuing education courses has become easier than ever, and the scope of courses available is exciting for those who wish to increase their knowledge in a variety of subject areas. Once upon a time, continuing education was limited to a pamphlet which arrived in the mail from a local community college. Inside one could find a variety of options, from foreign languages to real estate certification classes to arts and crafts to opportunities for joining a sports class. Throw in a jewelry class and some instruction on handling personal finances and investments, and that pretty much summed up the offerings which were available. Fast forward to the Internet age. Now both local and distant colleges alike offer degree programs and courses for personal enrichment. Government agencies offer certification in various fields and hospitals utilize online courses to keep employees up-to-date on rapidly changing information and procedures relevant to their particular disciplines. Costs and transportation issues are minimized. Few obstacles remain for reaching long term goals, one course at a time.

Taking advantage of online continuing education courses cuts down on the effectiveness of several excuses which may have previously held individuals back from pursuing educational goals. Since there is no time or money spent in commuting, there is a greater amount of time available to spend on classes. Speaking of spending, most online continuing education courses are less expensive than traditional college courses. Some classes which are designed for personal enrichment rather than the pursuit of a degree may be free or have a nominal cost. Individuals suffering from physical limitations due to handicaps or health conditions can still benefit from online classes. A professional can keep working at a regular job while pursuing a degree which can enhance a resume or make the employee appear more valuable to an employer.

The number and variety of online continuing education courses is truly amazing. Websites direct individuals to courses offered in preparation for a specific degree, or according to the interests of the student. Individuals can earn an associate's, bachelor's, master's or even a doctorate degree from a distance learning program. Recognizing the growing trend of participation in online learning, most institutions are eager to facilitate this new source of paying customers. A specific advisor may be assigned to each student, and professors are available for individual consultation via email, forums, chat rooms or phone.

Some people worry that online continuing education courses are missing a vital aspect of learning -- the give-and-take between students as they interact with each other in class or informally outside of class. However, with continuing advances in technology, most of these issues are being resolved. While it is true that many people would prefer face-to-face interaction with teachers and peers, technologies which offer better interactivity within more realistic virtual classrooms continue to develop. Internet study groups can arrange their own forums, and lively exchanges and opportunities for networking are possible. One could argue, too, that some people who may not have had the courage to interact freely in a classroom setting may be better able to do so online. In this case, interactivity is enhanced, not threatened.

Technical issues can arise during online continuing education courses which temporarily disrupt the learning process. Computers will be computers, and these machines do not concern themselves with the fact that the breakdown may occur right in the midst of an exciting class discussion or in the middle of an exam. Communication can be thwarted in other ways, as emails and term papers may occasionally not reach their destinations. (The computer ate my homework, or worse, my term paper?!) Interactions on the Internet, as in real life, do not always go smoothly. However, these occurrences are fairly rare, and wise students will keep copies of any important documents in case of malfunctions.

Interestingly, online courses can be put together in a variety of ways. There can be interactive seminars, discussion boards, and even quizzes to ensure that students are progressing in their understanding of the subject matter. Web conferences and CD ROM materials may also be part of the course offerings. Web-based 'field trips' add an interesting aspect to courses. Many institutions offer students in their online continuing education courses access to extensive libraries. These libraries may include volumes, manuscript collections and microfiche holdings. Sometimes physical books may be delivered to the student, and articles and copies of manuscripts may be delivered via the Internet. An online program may utilize any combination of instructional methods in order to cover the course material. This also adds excitement and variety to the distance learning experience.

The outlook for a continuing expansion of online continuing education courses seems assured. The extent and variety of program offerings brings to mind the verse in Daniel 12:4 -- ...many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. Advances in computer technology will probably continue to make the virtual classroom even more realistic. The market for online course offerings will continue to succeed as long as the important element of personal interaction is acknowledged and accommodated as this field develops. An Internet search will give basic information about course offerings through specific institutions. Be sure to check that the accreditation status of the long distance learning organization is in order, especially if a formal online degree program is the long term goal. Then, enjoy the fantastic opportunities offered by online courses. Whether the aim of these studies is personal enrichment or the pursuit of a formal degree, progress can be made towards reaching goals one course at a time.

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Online Counseling Degree

Online counseling degrees provide education and experience to those individual who are trying to make it professionally in the mental health field. If a person has a desire to work with people who struggle in areas that need counseling, maybe checking into an online counseling degree would be a good idea. Some people have a certain knack or gift for listening and helping others solve problems. Taking the time to study, gain experience, and learn from instructors can allow a person to enhance this gift so they can give back to the world in order to make it a better place.

Many people suffer from a lot of mental pain and anguish. Unfortunately, society is plagued with hurt, shame, guilt, and fear. Because of the circumstances that life has given to people, many are reaping the consequences of a faulty mental state. These people might have experienced abuse in their paths, physically, sexually, or verbally. All of these can leave devastating effects on a person's psyche and unless they get some kind of professional help, they are bound to remain in bondage. That is where an online counseling degree can help. People will be equipped and trained to listen to, speak with, and provide the care that a person needs once they have online counseling degrees. Someone with a compassionate heart and a love for people can offer this hurting world their gifts of understanding.

Some people do not pursue this field out of the goodness and kindness of their hearts. Often, individual pursue online counseling degrees for the money and prestige that comes with being in the medical field. If that is a persons main reason for wanting this online counseling degree, maybe they should think about their priorities again. On the other hand, there are people who are in this one hundred percent because of their desire to see others overcome the struggles that life has placed in front of them. If a student has a strong belief that God has called them to help people in some capacity, as through listening and lending a hand to the hurting, the individual should consider online degree as an avenue worthy of pursuit. Anyone with a desire to help others and heal the hurting people of the world should pray about where the Lord would call them to serve. If it is in the area of mental health and seeing others healed, there is no better field to pursue. For a Christian, there are even opportunities to work through non-profit organizations and churches to provide guidance to others while also sharing Gods love for them. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, That ye shall weep and lament, but the world shall rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy.

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Online Teaching Degree

An online teaching degree can be just the solution for current or prospective teachers who need credentials to secure or maintain their certificates. The educating profession is expected to grow steadily as older teachers retire. Teachers will be in high demand especially for inner city schools and for specialized subjects such as math, science, and foreign languages. Online teaching degrees offer prospective teachers a convenient and flexible way to enter this profession. It is a profession that has always been respected, especially when it comes to teaching religious truth. "Whereunto I am ordained a preacher, and an apostle, (I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not;) a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and verity." (1 Timothy 2:7)

Online teaching degrees can be earned through any number of colleges and universities that offer distance learning courses. These teaching degree programs are available for bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees. All states require at least a bachelor's degree and many require a master's degree. Each of the education degrees has a different focus, for example, special education, music education, early childhood development, technology and education, and educational leadership. Whether a person is just starting out as a teacher, or already knows exactly what direction he wants to his career to take, there is likely to be an education degree program suited for the student's short-term and long-term goals.

Every state requires a State Board of Education license to teach in public schools. The means to acquire this license, however, varies from state to state. A student should be sure to check the State Department of Education's certification requirements to determine if an online teaching degree will qualify the student for a teacher's position in their state. Many distance learning institutions have advisors who can work with students to develop personalized online teaching degrees that meet specific state certification regulations. As with all distance learning courses, each program should be carefully investigated before a student invests time, effort, and money. In addition to ensuring that the school is properly accredited, one should also be fully aware of what will be expected from students for each class. Also determine clearly what the institution will be providing in terms of preparation toward an education degree.

The advantages to earning online teaching degrees are obvious. The choice of colleges is unlimited. A student can study when it is convenient. There would be no need to quit a job or uproot one's family to attend classes. In many cases, it is possible to finish an education degree program faster than would be possible through traditional classroom instruction. However, potential disadvantages of online degree programs should be considered as well. For example, the student must be motivated and disciplined enough to stay on track with the readings and assignments required. For some, having face-to-face interaction with classmates and professors may hinder chances of success. For some people, these are serious considerations, but the advantages of earning teacher's degrees on line far outweigh the negative factors.

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Criminal Justice Online Degrees

Criminal justice online degree are widely offered throughout accredited universities and colleges to any student interested in a career in the criminal justice and security fields. With the upsurge of security demands following America's 9/11 tragedy in New York City, many jobs within the newly established Homeland Security Department of the US government throughout the states are available. The job demand for those who wish to pursue careers through in this area will continue for sometime allowing many jobs to be filled within the Homeland Security Department. "Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfillment of the law." (Romans 13:10)

The demand for professionals within traditional law and justice careers also are heightened as security and crime prevention is at a high level of priority for US citizens. Television dramas have also made this type of career highly visible through popular dramas such as Law and Order, CSI, and Without a Trace, igniting more interest in criminal fields among the youth of America. Student interest in entering this career field is evidenced by the many criminal justice online degrees offered through many schools in addition to the on-campus degree students. Over 2 million online students will take advantage of Internet degrees instead of on-campus studies and many of them will be law or law enforcement students.

This field of study equips the student for careers in law enforcement, corrections, Homeland security, CSI, other government agencies and private security positions. Undergraduate and graduate degrees are available through criminal justice online degrees preparing the Internet student just as effectively as the on-campus student. Course studies for a criminal justice online degree include law enforcement, law, leadership, corrections, juvenile delinquency, terrorism studies and criminology. Some internship may be required at approved crime labs for preparation in the criminology aspects of the field.

These degrees are flexible, affordable, and convenient as technology is merged with quality instructional methods. Allowing the Internet learner to earn a criminal justice online degree while continuing in a current job has proven to be a huge advantage of worldwide web learning. They are more affordable than on-campus degrees with dorm room and board costs not applying to the online student. The e-learner has the advantage of personal instruction through a criminal justice online degree via email, classroom web cams, discussion forums online and streaming media. If a career in criminal justice is appealing, check out several university websites to determine the degree program that evokes the most interest. Information regarding admission, cost, financial aid, degree choices and computer systems requirements for a criminal justice degree online are readily available.

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Doctorate Degree Online

Doctorate degrees online give professionals the ideal means to pursue higher education without causing a major disruption to current lifestyles or jobs. Many people with undergraduate and even graduate level degrees find it difficult to progress to the next educational level, especially for the doctorate, because they are limited to local college and university options. Earning a doctorate degree online is perfect for professionals who want to advance in particular careers but who do not have the time or the desire to devote to traditional classroom methods of instruction.

Most people pursuing higher education are already well-educated and are most likely in the midst of balancing their work and family obligations. Since these people are already very busy, earning their doctorate degrees online makes good sense. They can do the coursework when it is convenient for them and still manage their current work and home responsibilities. The flexibility also means that students could complete their coursework sooner than if they chose the traditional route of attending classes on campus.

The range of available courses is seemingly endless. Almost any PhD that can be earned in a traditional campus format is now offered as a doctorate degree online. Students can earn the impressive credential as part of a program in any of a number of fields, including education, health services, communications, public policy and administration, international business, history, and ministry. Many schools offer numerous programs, so a prospective student must research the various options thoroughly to determine which will best meet his or her needs. Students should ask questions about the doctorate degree online programs. How is the instruction delivered? How accessible are the faculty and administration members? What is the accreditation of the institution? After all, recent news reports have called attention to some so-called distance learning programs that have given Internet educational programs a bad reputation by offering little more than "pay-for-a-degree" services.

Although the convenience and flexibility offered is a big plus in many students' lives, prospective candidates should not assume that the work is any less demanding than what they would find on campus. Some may even find that earning their doctorate online degree is more challenging because the accountability factor of a classroom with peers and a professor is virtually non-existent. Self-motivation, self-discipline, organization, goal-setting, and time-management are all necessary qualities for students to succeed in pursuing their goal. But as believers, we can accomplish more than we expect because "God will supply all your need by Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19). For people who seek the rewards that higher education brings, working toward a doctorate degree online may be the ideal path.

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Online English Degree

An online English degree is a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate level college education available through Internet distance learning. An education in this program at the Bachelor of Arts level can be pursued in three or four year programs, while completing a residency is optional. Online English degrees can be specifically in education, in language, and in the study of literature. In most programs, the individual will receive personalized instruction and have an advisor that works with them through the time it takes to complete the program.

All programs in the field of English have some similarity in content. Online degree will spend some time on the study of what is considered classic literature and texts. These programs will also teach critical and creative thinking and writing, and will focus somewhat on communication and the developing of the ability to express ideas with clarity. Many online English degree programs will focus on professional writing, editing, and journalism. Others will have a speech and communication aspect and of course, people that major in education will learn to teach this subject to students, including teaching both grammar and literature.

With many programs in English, a student can have a specialization or minor in creative writing, journalism, professional writing, or even in film studies and digital media communications. An online English degree can prepare the individual for generally expected careers in education, writing and publishing, journalism, editing, reporting, and desktop publishing. Some more unusual jobs online English degrees can prepare a person for are careers in law and legal assisting, public relations, business and management, and research assistant. The opportunities are various and many for the student having completed a program of study in this field.

The upper level post-graduate study can develop theoretical and historical approaches to literature that incorporate thematic, multi-cultural, and genre studies. If a persons goal is to teach at the college or university level, earning an upper level degree will be necessary. Proverbs 8:11 says, "For Wisdom is better than rubies." Much like this verse, striving to expand educational horizons will also expand a persons level of wisdom. Earning online English degrees can be a good start on developing individual intellect to the full potential and preparing for a life's work that is both personally fulfilling and professionally gratifying. With an online English degree in hand, a student can accomplish those personal career goals that have been put on hold, and realize the achievement of a lifetime.

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