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There are no leading rules and regulations as far as custom writing is concerned. You can put things in any way, but the accepted norm is that they should sound different from the work of others. This is very difficult in this age of plagiarism. Ewritingpal helps you grow intellectually too as it helps you understand more deeply into every matter you write on.

But no custom writer can survive in this tangled web if he lacks courage and conviction. He should be able to put things forcefully and should be able to see different aspects of the same topic simultaneously. No research paper can be graded well if the writer is unable to bring out his or her viewpoints courageously. For achieving this level of confidence, you need to be well versed in the subject on which you are writing. Language skills are also paramount here.

In this custom essay writing industry every time I turn around, it seems like there is a new website selling essays to unsuspecting college students around the world. These companies are unethical and doing their customers a major disservice.

There is always a chance of fraud while you are working with a new company. The company might use plagiarized texts which are almost always overlooked by students. When caught in class, these custom essays online become a cause of great humiliation and embarrassment for the student who doesn't even know where the text was stolen from and why. These fake companies who claim to provide essay writing help use writers who have poor writing skills, they provide poor essay help, and thus the quality of their essays is extremely low. There is a great risk involved while looking for a particular company that could provide custom essay writing. The company can easily turn out to be a fraud one and consume both the student's time and money, and that too for nothing in return.

Therefore, before you buy the services of any custom essay writing company, keep the following significant points in your mind:

  • Check the company phone number or fax number
  • According to the Industry standards response to customer query is less then 24 hours. If you have an essay to submit within 24 hours, you should expect a reply within 24 according Industry standards from an authentic custom essay website.
  • Physical Postal Address must be provided
  • An authentic custom essay writing service must give you with the opportunity of your direct communication with writers ensuring their credibility.
  • A Ewritingpal should offer 100% refunds to their customer in case of:

1. Counterfeit Material

2. Late delivery time

3. Plagiarism.

However, there is no harm in involving professional writers in the field to create superior essays. These writers can help acquire superior grades for students and better results for other writing professionals.

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Five Android Apps for Making Your Creative Writing More Creative

Good writers always want to better their craft. When it comes to improving your creative writing skills nothing beats learning new things about the world. Except perhaps cutting down on distractions and procrastination. If you've recently bought a new HTC 4G Android phone or any mobile device running on Android, then you definitely want to give the following five apps a look if you're interested in easy ways to improve your creativity while you write:

1. CIA Factbook App

When inspired suddenly to tell a story, one of the first things that gets in the way are the facts, or lack thereof. Unless your story is set exactly where you live it doesn't take long to hit a wall in terms of describing the setting and the people. Luckily, the CIA Factbook app for Android grants you instant access to data on countless countries across the globe. You'll just be a click away from knowing that the largest city in Cameroon is Douala and that Swedish male life expectancy is 78, among many other interesting facts about the peoples of the world.

2. Fun Facts

For other times when you're in need of facts to inspire some creativity, Fun Facts provides you with innumerable tidbits of fascinating information. Knowing that 0.7 percent of the world is estimated to be intoxicated at any given moment sounds like the beginning of a great short story. I do suggest double-checking any facts you find that you want to incorporate into your writing, because while Fun Facts is free and entertaining, it isn't 100 percent accurate.

3. Urban Dictionary

Yet other times you simply just need to know what kids are saying these days. Getting genuine dialogue onto paper is incredibly hard, so use the Urban Dictionary app for Android to keep up with the latest slang words and buzz phrases. One day I'd like to see Urban Dictionary indexed in accordance to synonym which would make it a much better system for writers, but until then, you'll just have to browse and see what you can find, which will be plenty.

4. Spell Checker

Nothing can make a strong writing spurt come to a halt like being unable to spell a word correctly and spending way too much time trying to figure it out. Every writer should be a near-perfect speller but pobody is nerfect. With the Spell Checker app you can quickly reference the right spelling so you can stay focused. It works wonders when you're handwriting and are otherwise not near a computer.

5. My Writing Spot

Mobile devices are still too primitive for writers to get any quality work done on a phone word processor. But that doesn't mean you can't hammer out a few sentences or even a paragraph or two on your phone when the inspiration comes and there's no way to put pen to paper. My Writing Spot is a simple app that lets you keep up with a single ongoing writing project on-the-go without worrying about using up storage space or what happens in the event you lose your phone. That's because in coordination with the My Writing Spot web-app you can save your documents remotely.

Don't walk around with a smartphone in your pocket and a pen in your hand without checking these apps out first. Taking advantage of the latest tech savvy ways to stay informed and get inspired is something everything writer ought to get good at.
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Ewritingpal Announcement of Result of Essay Writing

We have been catering to various forms of writing for over 10 years. Today we are known to be a worldwide leader in custom content writing.

Custom Essays

We understand that problems always pile up at the end of the hour. We understand that students just don’t have studies to take care of and then when it comes to writing Essays of more than thousands of words after doing an extensive research, things don’t get any easier. Therefore, Ewritingpal helps you wipe off your worries by providing you with Essays that can earn you great grades in just a short span of time. Our specialist custom essay writers have gone through years of experience in order to cope up with the high level of quality required even at the mot junior level of academics. We offer you Custom Essays in any Format (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago) etc and at any level, even Master’s or PhD levels are covered.

Term Papers

We also offer our services of Custom Term Papers just in the way we do the Essays. The reason why I say that is that the quality of the work is the same but you have an additional benefit of receiving discounts as Term Papers are more extensive than Essays and our policy states that the more the pages the more the discount offered. Hence, this would be an affordable, reasonable and a sensible decision to get your Term Papers in any subject at any level from Ewritingpal.

Research Papers

Ewritingpal has a whole separate department of researchers who dig into any kind of subject and pile up the research from the most authentic, relevant and updated sources so that you don’t have to. It’s We who are going to make our researchers sit on the internet for hours into compiling the perfect Research Paper so you don’t have to. You can also benefit from our additional services of freebies in which we provide pages such as bibliography, title page, thesis page and a lot more absolutely free!

Book Report

I remember my time when I had to write my first ever book report. It took me hours just to read the book and then several more hours to grasp the whole concept behind it. In this fast moving world requirements are no less to preciseness. Nevertheless, again we turn our heads to our talented book report writers because they are the only ones on whom we depend. And rest assure, I can confidently say, they have never seized to surprise us with their ability to produce such great book reports earning so many smiles on our customers faces.

Course Work

Course Work contributes a lot to overall grade of a student as it’s independently the sole responsibility to understand which topic would be the most appropriate in scoring highest marks. Our course work writers help the students from the very beginning that is, providing them with such a topic that would surely enthrall the academic faculty. We cover all kinds of course works from all over the world in any subject at any level at the most reasonable prices in the market.

Thesis and Dissertation

These both documents are probably one of the most important documents in a person’s life. You have to utilize all your theory and understanding of the subject learn in your entire professional academic career. Most importantly you don’t want to be the person not having a degree just because you couldn’t produce a Thesis or Dissertation of the required standard. Therefore, join hands with us in order to demolish even the thought of not having a degree, rather start thinking of advancing your career because Ewritingpal guarantees satisfaction.

Editing Services

Ewritingpal offers one of the best editing services available. We have employed fresh but experienced editors just to make sure that each piece of paper contains not a single grammatical mistake, contains the most appropriate vocabulary keeping in mind the requirements of the customer as well as of the topic itself. We do not charge a penny for editing the copies already ordered by you as a Custom Article.

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