Escandalo Securiport Explains the Basics of a Strong Thesis

Written works are created for a variety of reasons. Some are made to make the reader laugh, some are made to educate, and others are created to persuade the reader one way or another. In most cases, essays that are written for class are created for persuasive purposes. When writing an essay, including a carefully worded thesis statement is one of the components that will help to shape the rest of the work. 

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement helps to sum up the main points and arguments of the essay in one or two sentences. It tells the reader how you’ll interpret the subject that you’re writing about and acts as a road map for the rest of the work. Strong thesis statements directly answer the question or prompt at hand, and also make a claim that others may feel the need to dispute. Weak thesis statements are broad, vague, or fail to answer the question. 

Why is a thesis statement necessary in an essay?

This part of the work is necessary for a few different reasons.
  • It helps to organize and develop the argument 
  • It offers the reader a guide to your work 
  • It helps to test the ideas by condensing them into one or two brief sentences 

The thesis statement should answer the question that the paper is supposed to explore.

Developing your thesis

It takes a significant amount of time and thought to develop the perfect thesis for an essay. After conducting research, it’s time to look for relationships between facts that you’ve gathered. Then think about the significance of these relationships and work on formulating a thesis that explains how these ideas connect. The thesis may evolve as you gather more information. 

Determining the strength of the thesis 

Depending on time constraints, it’s a wise idea to run the thesis statement by the instructor to verify that it is worded properly and will support the rest of your essay. If it’s not possible to consult with a teacher, the following questions can help to determine the validity of a thesis statement:
  • Does the statement help to answer the question? 
  • Does the position presented in the thesis give others something to challenge or think about? 
  • Is the wording specific enough? 
  • Is it too open ended? A thesis that is too vague and doesn’t properly guide readers is ineffective and fails to support the rest of the paper 
  • Does the thesis conflict with the rest of the paper? A thesis statement that doesn’t fit with the body paragraphs of the work can cause confusion and make the essay hard to read. Sometimes only a few small tweaks are necessary to create a cohesive work. 
  • Will the thesis make the reader say, “So what?” If the answer is yes, take time to clarify or connect the statement to a larger issue. 
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writing professional when it comes time to craft a thesis statement.

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