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There are a great number of custom essay writing services on the Internet. Most of them claim to offer custom essays and papers produced especially for each particular client according to his or her specifications.

All of them reassure students that their pieces of writing will never be plagiarized or published anywhere. However, the reality is quite different. Plagiarism is a wide spread phenomenon, many papers are sold and resold over and over again to different customers, quality leaves much to be desired, and clients often find it difficult to get in touch with customer service. Custom essay writing company Proessay offers a different quality of service.

All of our research writers are native speakers of English coming from an extensive variety of educational backgrounds, embracing everything from philosophy to sciences. Therefore we are able to match each particular assignment with the best writer for the job. Writers are available for clients throughout the entire writing process. This implies that they are welcome to send necessary resource materials to their writers, stay informed about the progress of their projects, or communicate other important pieces of information. Our writers respond to all client inquiries in a friendly manner.

Custom essay We never use essays and papers that have already been written by our expert writers, nor do we tolerate any form of plagiarism in our company. Each new assignment we start from scratch so every single sentence is original and exclusive. We are the only site to guarantee that if a paper fails to meet the specified requirements, we will rewrite it or refund.

However, this is an extremely infrequent circumstance. In most cases papers produced by our writers receive high marks. Buy essay help Term paper Our talented and experienced researchers compose a variety of papers: custom essays, term papers, research papers book reports, MBA essays, executive summaries, and different kinds of research projects for college and university students at any level. Besides, we offer editing, proofreading, and researching services, even for those students who must meet the strictest academic standards. By serving as excellent examples, our writing and research products help our clients show academic and professional results, improve their writing skills through acquainting with techniques and approaches of our writers.

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Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay does not merely assert an opinion; it presents a disagreement, and that argument must be backed up by data that persuades readers that the opinion is valid. This data consists of facts, statistics, and the testimony of others through personal interviews and questionnaires or through articles and books, and examples.

A writer who wants to write a confrontational paper should seek to use educated sources that are non biased, and to use them fairly. It is therefore best to avoid using hate groups as a source, although you can use them briefly as an example of the seriousness of the problem. Talk shows fall into the same category as they are frequently opinionated or untrue.

Want to know what you think about something? Then give your opinions and write about your opinions in the paper. To be fair, however, you'll find that one of the first things you must do is become an expert on the issue.

When you pick a topic, make sure you pick a well-defined, controversial issue. Readers should understand what the issue is and what is at stake. The issue must be arguable, as noted above. After stating your thesis, you will need to discuss the issue in depth so that your reader will understand the problem fully.

In your paper, you must be take a clear position and state it clearly. Assume that your reader will disagree with you or be sceptical. It is important, therefore, that your tone be reasonable, professional, and trustworthy. By anticipating objections and making concessions, you inspire confidence and show your good will.

To convince a person about your point of views is not an easy skill to acquire. Many people might think that if one simply has an opinion, one can convince other with his or her opinions effectively, and these folks are always surprised when others don't agree with them because their logic seems so correct. Additionally, writers often forget that their primary purpose in an argument is to "win" it--to sway the reader to accept their point of view. It is easy to name call, easy to ignore the point of view or research of others, and extremely easy to accept one's own opinion as gospel, even if the writer has not checked his or her premise in a couple of years, or, as is the case for many young writers, never questioned the beliefs inherited from others.

Therefore, writing a confrontational paper requires you to be as resourceful as possible. Writers often have to do some thorough research on the topic. After that, writers would have to be able to take a clear stand on what they think is right about the issue before they begin writing their arguments.

A good argumentative essay help requires the writers to present the most convincing statements that are able to make the readers to question their own knowledge about the topic and starts to believe in what the writer s opinions about the topic. To do so, the writers would have to put down the facts of their research in the argumentative essay Free Articles, at the same time they will have to cite the facts to prove the credential of the arguments.

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Writing Persuasive Essays The Right Away

Writing persuasive essays, like any other essays, has a format that the writer has to adhere into. One of the characteristics of this essay is, it should have two or more sides in order for a debate to take place.

From the word itself, writing persuasive essays is the pursuit of the writer to prove something to the reader. It is important that the writer has a point of view to discuss, of course. The idea presented should be particular in nature and is debatable. Meaning, it should be definite and has two or more sides of the position which the reader can see and analyze how the argument is explained. However, though the issue has many sides, only one side is tackled. The writer must be knowledgeable regarding the subject matter, including the different sides it has, in order to determine what is the most suitable and convincing information to be used to oppose the other sides of the course.

Writing persuasive essays, like any other essays, has a format that the writer has to adhere into. Among the details to be considered, making sure that the topic sentence is not a fact, is the most important. Facts, for all we know, are not debatable since they are already proven. Also, one of the characteristics of this essay help is, it should have two or more sides in order for a debate to take place. Constructing the topic sentence is crucial since it directs the reader together with the writer's logic into the conclusion that the writer wanted the reader to agree with.

In the same introductory paragraph, provide the three best proof why should the reader support the given argument. These proofs will serve as the remainder of the first paragraph that will be discussed in the remaining supporting paragraphs. Evidences, examples and statistics are all stated in the body of the essay reinforcing the writer's claim. Each information should be discussed clearly, avoiding usage of wordy and complex sentences. As much as possible, the article should be written with simple and easy to understand statements.

Readers may have a hard time to figure out what the argument is really about and where it is leading to. Facts, of course, are now acceptable in this part of the article since it should persuade the reader. Transitions are used to allow the reader follow the presentation. When the writer arrives in concluding the essay, reiteration of the topic and the strongest evidence is essential.

It must always be remembered that the conclusion serves as the last opportunity to persuade the reader and it is where the reader will decide whether to agree with the writer or not. The conclusion, also, must not contain any introduction of new materials. Making such introduction may confuse the reader in accepting the proposed idea and, probably, might disagree with the article since there is another argument again, making the writer's proposal not that convincing.

Compared to composing narrative essays, writing persuasive essays involves the avoidance of having the so-called personal tone. Though the course comes from the writer's point of view, it is composed, except the topic sentence, and supported with facts. The writer's personal attachment with the essay ends in choosing the subject to argue with and the rest are based on facts. To keep from making personal essaysFree Articles, usage of personal pronouns is discouraged.

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The writer’s choice, the language of English Essay!

Passion is the key element of motivation for writers. In its absence everything will be written in vain. For whoever could disregard the creativity of the soul when emotions felt therein were made to let go by the satisfaction one feels with the mere touch of his pen. Even with the evolution of technology and the convenience of a computer, writers would still want to do the traditional way of writing.

The language of English essay is the language of passion.

How do you make an interesting English essay? First things first, determine target audience age and characteristics. Meeting the expectations and level of understanding of your predicted readers is very important for the English essay s total impact on creating lasting impressions. The body must therefore give significant words construction moving on to a good mile s reflections of the selected topic. The theme of the essay and the flow or arrangement of the writer s ideas must give relevant referrals to research and current issues. Writing is all about connections: connections of ideas and connections of emotions even faith. The clarity of the write up making an impression done by expressions through English essay creativity concludes a well organized, focus and a clear marked introduction which emphasizes the writer s thesis or main point.

English essay writing requires the writers to explain, interpret, analyze research materials and present them in the simple English language modern version of writing discourse measuring the student s writing skills within the context of the passages. The choice of words materially dressed up the essay to make it pleasant, functional, and definitely not a stereotype bore. The sentences must be in agreement with each other for continuity and coordination. The presence of an active voice signifies the writers response wholly supported by a logical argument and appropriate evidence. The keyword for the essay is sense: talk with sense.

Mastery on the processes and principles involved in presenting your ideas logically and expressing them effectively requires reading, concentration, and interest. Interest means total captivation of the mind and body working in coordination to produce the kind of language and writing output the writer plans to project. An English essay may be written in many forms and in multiple character presentation. What are important are the interest and the use of the English language to express its meaning. English essays may be made seriously or humorously from any perspective that will serve the writer s purpose.

Always remember essay help are not supposed to replace library researches. They are considered as opinion and expression of a certain topic. Inclusion of essays as reference materials reflects similarity of the researcher and the writer s opinion and thoughts on a certain event or phenomenon. In the creation of English essays Free Web Content, the writer must make sure that the elements of style and choice of words are clear and logical. English essays grammar and composition seems to excel in literary and scholarly works in various fields of art and sciences making it the writer s choice.

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Admission Essays

It won't be an exaggeration to say that admission essays for the overwhelming majority of people is the most important essay they write in their lives. All good colleges and schools have far more applicants than they can admit. Naturally they have to deal with a huge flow of admission essays.

Admission essay is one of the most significant and essential stage in the process of person's college application. Take into consideration the fact that a badly written essay can prevent you from entering the university you've chosen even if you have the best GPA and test score. So it won't be an exaggeration to say that admission essays for the overwhelming majority of people is the most important essay help they write in their lives. All good colleges and schools have far more applicants than they can admit. And naturally they have to deal with a huge flow of admission essays. Therefore, your admission essay should contrast favorably with the others. It will be possible only if your piece of writing is engaging, well-structured, meets all the requirements of your assignments not to mention the observance of grammatical and spelling rules.

These corner-stones of successful admission essay writing belong to the priorities of our writers and editors, specializing in completing this type of works. Custom essay writing service has already assisted hundreds of applicants to realize their ambitions and enter the most prestigious universities in the US and other countries. All the staff involved in admission essay writing carries out its job efficiently, diligently and thoroughly so that to provide you with best-quality admission essays which will make the way clear for you to get an excellent higher education.

Those applicants who have written admission essays themselves but feel a need in a check done by professionals are welcomed to turn to our team of editors who will eliminate all your mistakes including structural and argumentative. After doing so they recompose your pieces of writing and make them sound natural and impressive. They also ensure proper referencing and formatting of all custom essays and papers.

We are doing our best to provide our customers with top-quality admission essays. At present custom essay writing service is capable to render versatile professional assistance in completing a broad range of assignments embracing custom essays, term papers, academic papers, research papers, admission essays, compositions, course-works, book reports, case studies, thesis, dissertations Feature Articles, editing and many others.

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English essay

Developing good writing skills can help you go a long way in churning out a career in professional writing. If you have a strong fundamental grasp over English you can polish it further to develop into a professional writer.

English essay writing is one of the most commonly used forms of writing and it is used to test the skills of students during different stages of their academic curricula. We will try to analyze in this article how best we can write an English essay and what are the critical factors that should be taken note of.

Reputed English scholars have said that the basic problem with essay writing lies in writers only describing about facts and not analyzing why those facts happened. This makes an essay shallow and the reader may lose interest after reading the initial few paragraphs. It is important that you establish the theme of the essay first and then let it flow the normal course by using metaphors, symbolic moments, or important incidents to relate to the overall story. This is what makes the essay interesting and holds the readers interest. It is important that we relate the text of the essay to the time that it is set. This is extremely important as this makes it easy for the reader to relate the theme to the reality prevailing at that point in time. Another critical factor that writers may face while writing an essay is to distinguish between the author and the speaker. A speaker is someone who is telling their story in the essay but the author is someone who has jotted down the essay. When writing an essay we should always have a unified argument, try to link the ideas as this will make the storyline flow smoothly and keep a track of the important points that we want to bring out in the essay.

When writing English essay be very focused on the parameters as outlined in the topic. This alone will help you to help your assessor or reader to interpret your thoughts on the topic. There are different ways that assessors analyze an essay. Hence to keep ourselves on a safer side we should always try to bring out the topic theme is the best way possible. There are few important points that an assessor looks into when he is analyzing an essay. Understanding of the subject, clear statements to support argumentsFree Reprint Articles, supporting your arguments with references and drawing a conclusion are the main factors that are looked in an essay. It is important that you analyze the topic given and frame your thoughts in a clear and crisp manner. In the development stage it is always advisable that if you have any doubts you should always get it clarified. Once you have completed the essay it is important that you review the essay to evaluate your arguments. Draw a convincing conclusion to close the essay.

English essay writing is a skill which develops with experience. Following the basic guidelines of essay writing can help you develop high standards of essay.

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Migration essay

Migration process takes its origins from the ancient times when people moved from one area to another when natural resources of their habitations became exhausted. Nowadays people migrate because of many reasons such as religious and economical, safety and political issues and some others essay help.

Mostly, people migrate from undeveloped countries to democratic and economically developed countries such as United States of America, Canada, France, Italy, Germany etc searching for stability and freedom; and it is not a secret to anybody that immigrants significantly affect economies of the countries they abandon and move to. United States of America is the most attractive country for immigrants (that is why it is called a nation of immigrants also) and thus its economy is exposed to immigrants’ effects more than that of other countries.

Did you ever think how much immigrants live in the USA and how do they affect economy of the country?that why we wrote this essay Or did you ever count how much jobs do immigrants take from native Americans? The purpose of this paper is to shed light on these issues and prove the negative effects of immigrants on the economy and wealth of the American taxpayers.

The population of USA reached more than 295 million people this year and in accordance to the recent research of Congressional Budget Office (CBO) in 2004, more than 21.4 million workers – one in seven workers in the United States – were foreign born, and half had arrived since 1990 (2005). This is 7% of total US population and as it is stated this number had doubled within a decade. But if to compare this number not with a total population, which includes children, pensioners and people unable to work, but with labor force the situation becomes more serious. According to the CBO research 2005, total US labor force in 2004 makes up 147.4 million people and it can be easily calculated that 126 million are native born and the rest 21.4 million are foreign born – immigrants (this number in 1994 was 12.9 million), which equals to 14% of total US wok force (Congress of the United States. Congressional Budget Office. “The Role of Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Market”).

Of course it is not true that increasing amount of immigrants is a straight national safety threat but it is an undeniable fact that immigrants do take jobs from native Americans despite some experts state that immigrants fill in only free cells in the US labor market which can not be filled by citizens because of unpleasantness and low wages. Another undeniable fact is that immigrants mostly perform unskilled tasks as dishwashing, extraction, construction and others related to manual labor – which is not desirable one by Americans. But manual labor and unskilled labor are imprescriptible components of labor market and there are always can be found people which need such job, e.g. students or people who can not afford themselves expensive colleges and universities. However that may be, it is obvious that immigrants take American jobs and thus reduce to zero chances of unskilled American work force to find tolerable job (Congress of the United States. Congressional Budget Office. “The Role of Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Market”).

How do you like the following statistics – the number of employed foreign born increased by 491,000 over the year, while the number of employed native born declined by 897,000, Presented by John Macaulay (Minnesota Star Tribune. John Macaulay. “Immigrants Keep U.S. Economy Supple”)?

Another negative affect of immigrants is that their large amount decreases average wages in the country. Let’s imagine there is a vacant maid place and salary is quite low so average American will not take this job, but Mexican or Chinese will take this job. If there would not be such Mexican or Chinese worker than the employer would have to increase salary for this job in order to attract American worker. Thus average wages in the United States are decreased. Moreover, native born people which like to have unskilled job as a rule need money to earn their living because they may live below the poverty line and the point is that immigrants create strong competition for unskilled labor and take jobs that some US citizens need actually.

In addition, immigrants receive social transfers as native born people do. Immigrants receive dole, they receive all necessary vaccinations, medical examinations and other services. But US citizens need all this too and if there would be less immigrants all social transfers could be increased and benefit more Americans. Dr. Steven A. Camarota, director of research from the Center for Immigration Studies, reports that the poverty rate for immigrants is 50 percent higher than that of natives, with immigrants and their U.S.-born children (under age 21) accounting for 22 percent of all persons living in poverty (2001). So all these people are subject to US welfare programs and the federal government has to support this people for at the expenses of American taxpayers. Dr. Camaraderie mentions another interesting fact also - the proportion of immigrant households using welfare programs is 30 to 50 percent higher than that of native households (Center for Immigration Studies. Dr. Steven A. Camarota. “Immigrants in the United States – 2000.

A Snapshot of America’s Foreign-Born Population”). Both these facts illustrate why immigrants prefer United States to other countries – because the federal government supports them a lot from the moment they obtain citizenship. Federal government helps many immigrants that live below the poverty line and this is humanly, and all people can understand that. But many immigrants do not even look for a job because they receive financial aids which give them an opportunity to live better than in their countries of origin – this concerns mostly children of immigrants which do not have education and do not strive to obtain it along with obtaining a job. Many immigrants establish their own businesses and thus contribute directly in country’s GDP and create workplaces. But as a rule immigrants offer jobs to their nationals only and establish networks like Chinese cook-house chains etc. Thus existing immigrants attract even more new immigrants (both legal and illegal) from their native countries by supporting them with workplaces and cutting average wages in the USA even more. Although foreign born workers are considered to be cheap work force and produce cheaper products and services, American consumers do not receive much benefit from this. Because when immigrants take part in manufacture of certain product its cost price decreases but producers do not decrease the sale price as a rule in order to make products more affordable for consumers. Thus final consumers do not benefit in any way from lower cost price caused by the cheap work force but producers benefit directly from increased profit margins.

If we say about the quality of services rendered by immigrants for whom English is a second language, primarily, it is important to note that the above indicator is quite smaller than the same of rendered by native born Americans. This can be explained by linguistic, cultural, religious and other diversities that cause misunderstandings.

For instance, many immigrants work as operators of toll-free phone numbers and there are cases when they are not able to understand the customer’s questions or complaints, and thus they are not able to provide high quality services. In such cases immigrants are the direct cause of reduced quality of services while the prices of these services do not decrease. In addition, most immigrants do not have even high school diploma which is essential in order to provide customers with the proper quality of goods and services – for example which mother would like to entrust her child to a nurse which is lack of language and basic education? This may be perilous in a case when some accident occur like hurricane or thunderstorm and uneducated nurse will not take proper care of a child and will try to save her own life knowingly or thoughtlessly neglecting the peril of child’s life.

Dr.’s Camarota research states that the percentage of immigrants without a high school diploma is 30 percentBusiness Management Articles, more than three times the rate of natives (Center for Immigration Studies. Dr. Steven A. Camarota. “Immigrants in the United States – 2000. A Snapshot of America’s Foreign-Born Population”).

Aaron is a senior writer at Custom Essay Writing Network. He is an experienced custom essay writer and will be glad to share his experience of custom essay writing with you.

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Health Economics Essay

This essay is written because People often do not think or think not enough about their health and the factors which can influence on it in positive or negative way. For centuries people like to do things that may harm their organism in some way absolutely consciously.

People smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs etc. Most of such people think that millions of people which die from nicotine each year are very far away from them, people think that everyone else can die except for them. Indeed smokers begin to think about the harm of smoking and nicotine when their friend, neighbor or relative suddenly dies from a disease caused from cigarettes – but unfortunately it is too late often essay help.

In this paper I would like to present statistical data – socio-economic facts about Ontario respondents (education, income level, age and self evaluated overall health level) and analyze how do they influence (if they do) the amount of smokers – increase or decrease this amount?

During this economical research I have found many interesting facts, some of which have proven or refuted my assumptions about the amount of smokers and different social-economic factors of the population of Ontario.

I have found that there are plenty organizations which care about the smoking problem (and other health problems) in our society. These organizations do not only care, they take steps in order to change the situation – they make different researches and publish the results, provide elucidatory campaigns etc.

I have described the interdependence between the amount of smokers and four socio-economic factors with the help of linear regression equation: y = – 0.02x1 + 0.09x2 + 0.06x3 + 0.08x4 + 0.73. Where y – amount of smokers, x1 – income, x2 – age, x3 – education, x4 – health level. This model is more difficult and is driven by four factors simultaneously. The most significant factors (which influence the model more than others) are age and general health level of respondents, then goes education and income level.

Despite the common sense higher education does not keep people from smoking – educated people smoke even when they studied many sciences and guess beforehand the results of smoking.

Elder people also do not pay attention to their age and the feebleness of their organisms which require healthy lifestyle, and smoke. The same can be said about sick people Free Articles, which smoke too.

I think that such results can be explained with inefficiency of anti smoking educational programs and campaigns. They should function more effectively and find better ways of propagandizing a healthy lifestyle. Universities and colleges should include new educational program (or improve already existing one) and provide explanatory measures to prevent the increase of smokers. The government should take all the necessary steps in order to help people overcome the low-income poverty threshold and thus people would earn more and according to my mathematical model people would smoke less.

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Essay resolves irresolvable problems.

We certainly do not need to look back at the controversial issues to understand the scopes of the problem; we have got a lot of them now. Nevertheless, it might be useful sometimes, to recall how these issues can be resolved in clear and transparent way of essay help.

Consider, for example the fight for the rights of the animals. In 1992 in Michigan there were attacks on the animal laboratory at Michigan State University. Another laboratory at the Washington State University suffered from the attacks as well. Some research offices were seriously damaged in the acts of arson in Utah. There were controversies, and these controversies exist now- despite the fact that more than fifteen years have passed, there is still a huge disagreement between those animals rights activists who claim that computer simulations are as good as animal research, and those scientists who insist that the researches on the animals are indispensable for the furtherance of their scientific work.

Undoubtedly, according to many scientists the animals are really indispensable for their research. After all they are used to help humans in their grapple against mortal and incurable diseases. For example pigs are used in the researches on diabetes and vascular diseases, dogs are used s, as steadfast and ones of the most reliable companions for people with disabilities; they play crucial, and sometimes vital role in the law enforcement agencies, other examples can be easily provided to support the assertions of scientists that animals can be used to assist people. Yet, nevertheless, these facts can hardly convince animal activists.

Lorraine Hough office in 1992 took the role of leader in the fighting against growing public antipathy to the scientists who conducted the research on the animals. According to Gallup Poll 2 of 3 American teenagers supported the rights of the animals. Hough was the director of The Texas Society for Biomedical Research paper.

Thus the society decided to launch bold and interesting experiment- it announced the essay contest for school children " Why animals are important to Biomedical research." Yet, despite the fact that the company provided financial incentive -more than $250 and $500 dollars in prizes, it was nevertheless difficult to find the participants.

Today this is an annual content in the Texas Society of Biomedical Research. Certainly, it is not easy to answer the question whether the experiments on the animals are really painful and intolerable for them. What is certain, that unless the scientists have found the cure to the innumerable human diseases-the experiments on the animals will continue and the controversies that surround them will not abate.

How can the society resolve this strange and controversial problem? Clearly the arsons and vandalism are not the best options. Certainly, the information and discussion are the best steps that should be taken. Essays and research papers that can highlight this problem can answer impartially and objectively to the question that concerns so many activists and scientists all over the world.

The essays designed exclusively by highly skilled and professional writers who have gained vast experience in the research of the experiments on the animals and their consequences. The outstanding highly argumentative research provides you with incredible and unique highlight of the existing problemFree Web Content, allow you to understand more clearly the issue that has already become irresolvable for so many people.

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Globalization essay

Every day we hear it on the news, read it in the papers, overhear people talking about it… and in every single instance the word globalization seems to have a different meaning. So, what is globalization?

At political and economic level, globalization is the process of denationalization of markets, politics and legal systems, it is the rise of global economy. Many international organizations, governmental institutions and the whole academic world discuss the consequences of this political and economic restructuring on local economies, human welfare and environment. It is one of the most important features of present world's essay.

At a business level, the process of globalization is when companies decide to take part in the emerging global economy and establish themselves in foreign markets. They adapt their products or services to the linguistic and cultural requirements of different nations. Then, they might take advantage of the Internet revolution and establish a virtual presence on the international marketplace. More and more companies do their business online. E-commerce has changed traditional business practices by providing direct international access to information and products.

Some scientists agree that globalization has also cultural and ecological connotations, and that it is not only political or economic phenomenon. It means that countries all over the world become interdependent in many possible ways. There is probably no area of human activities left that is not affected by globalization. We listen to the same music, eat the same food, wear the same clothes, and decide ecological and war and peace issues together.

But I think that the core sense of globalization is economic. In recent years more and more economic activity in the world seems to be taking place between people who live in different countries (rather than in the same country). It takes different forms, like international trade, growth of import and export, foreign investments, foreign loans and bonds, and many others. Economic globalization has different consequences on businesses all over the world and influences almost every other sphere of human life. Globalization has potential benefits on the one hand, and costs or risks on the other. Globalization increases economic development and reduces poverty. More essay help on globalisation. Globalization makes us vulnerable to changes all over the world. For example the huge market or foreign goods in the United States creates jobs overseas and keeps foreign workers employed. SimilarlyPsychology Articles, the health of the U.S. economy depends on how well American products sell in foreign countries.

Seven of the world’s leading industrial nations meet annually at a “Group of Seven” summit to coordinate policies for worldwide economic issues.

Each one of us is now more fully involved in a global economic system than were our parents or grandparents. There are probably no industries left that have much “natural protection” from international competition. Globalization in its core sense is the expansion of cross-border economic ties. Geographical distance does not matter any more.

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Have someone read your essay before submitting

When doing any sort of essay writing, it is very important to have some read it over to get a second opinion. This step is crucial because you, as the writer, typically know what point you are trying to make.

When doing any sort of writing, it is very important to have some read it over to get a second opinion. This step is crucial because you, as the writer, typically know what point you are trying to make. You understand all the research you have done and you know exactly what you are talking about. So when you read over your own work, it is almost useless in trying to see if it is good writing or not. Since you already know exactly what point the essay is trying to make, you won’t know whether it is effective at conveying your ideas to someone who doesn’t already know about them.

By having someone review your essay, you are basically testing your essay help. Your goal with your essay is to effectively convey an idea or a point to someone who doesn’t know about it already, so by having someone else read your essay, you are seeing if it works. You can consider your essay successful if the reader fully understands what you are trying to say in your essay after they read it. If they can’t, you still have a lot of work to do. Even if they can understand what you are trying to say, it doesn’t mean that you are completely finished with the essay. You might want to ask the reader to give you some feedback. There is a lot of stuff that a third party might catch while reading your essay that you will miss every time.

If the reviewer is not capable of figureing out what you are trying to say, you will need to work further with them to figure out what the problems are exactly. A good portion of the time, the writer will leave out key information which they typically take for granted. For example, there might be some sort of background story that goes along with the writing, and the reader may not know about it, but the writer falsely assumes that everyone knows the information already.

Try working with the reader to see if they can help provide some ways to get the point across better. If they don’t understand your essay, sit down with them and explain it in words. Once they understand what you are trying to say, they will be better able to identify the shortcomings of your essay. When the two of you identify the problems, you can go back to work on the essay, focusing on the problematic areas.

If you are trying to figure out who to have read your essay, just look around you. Your parents, brothers or sisters, friends or roommates should all be willing to read a few pages if it means you will be getting a better grade. If you have exhausted your efforts around the houseFree Reprint Articles, search the internet for some peer review essay websites. You might be able to find some free help online.

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Good application essay

Year after year, a swarm of applicants with diverse backgrounds and qualifications vie for slots in universities or colleges of their choice.
There's an ample chance you're up against applicants with the same set of credentials you have. That is precisely the reason a college essay can make or break you. Unless you have hard-to-beat, outstandingly brilliant scholastic and extra-curricular records, you have to bank on your college admission essay to increase your chance of admission up a notch.

Some colleges and universities supply applicants with specific essay questions, so all you have to do is research ahead of time to come up with well-thought-of piece. There are also instances when the school lets applicants craft their college admission essay based on the topic of their choice. If this is the case, you should meticulously decide on a certain topic that provides you with an excellent opportunity to reveal your individuality. The ideal essay should cover key areas like values, thought processes, and preferences. Admissions officers, who are tasked to read countless piles of essays each year, are on the lookout for candidates who know how to weave coherent and comprehensive essays which showcase vital information and details. Application essays should give school administrators a chance to get to know candidates the way transcripts and diplomas cannot. If you're an applicant, invest time and effort in writing your essay because this may be your last chance in convincing admissions officers you are indeed worthy to study in that university or college.

Your thought patterns, preferences, and values are revealed in the essay help as you relate specific and effective anecdotes. Be selective on what you write, and be wise. In your college application essay, don't include details like how you managed to get a passing grade in a quiz after partying hard the night before. Instead of being impressed by your cramming skills, readers take it as a sign that you prioritize partying over studying. This can be a major blow on your chance of successful admission. Admissions officers are after candidates who value education and edifying causes much more than partying or anything similar to it. The examples or instances you relate in your essay also reflect your thought patterns. Based on the anecdotes you share, readers get a glimpse or basic grasp of your thought patterns. They can usually tell if you're the type who is spontaneous in making decisions or someone who carefully analyzes circumstances before deciding.

Your college admission essay also gives evaluators an idea regarding your preferences and interests. Although you would want to impress readersFeature Articles, veer away from being pretentious. Officers in charge of admission can always tell if the candidate is really into the ideals of Freud or not based on how the essay is written. An informative and honest college application essay reads like a good piece of editorial without sounding too authoritative. Most of all enjoy the process of writing your essay as much as possible. Readers always have a great time going through an essay which has the right mix of character and attitude.

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Master the Art of Persuasion for Your Essays

This article will provide you with helpful tips for writing an essay on any topic. You will learn to state, define and prove your arguments, as well as win your readers’ heart.

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” – was the begging of the greatest speech in the history of humanity. It was the speech that in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar turned the Romans against Brutus and helped justice triumph. Neither actions, nor events could change the wheel of history. The fact is that Antony’s speech was the sole force that made people change their mind.

That is what you have to achieve when writing a persuasive essay – persuade your readers to adopt your point of view and take a particular action. As it proved to be in Julius Caesar, you need to go through thick and thin in order to prove your case and utilize logic and reason to show that your idea is more legitimate than another. But the result is worth the efforts.

So, be sure to master the art of persuasion that will come in handy while writing persuasive essays. Below you will find helpful tips that will make writing persuasive essays as easy as pie.

1. Choose Your Persuasive Essay Topic

Pick up the topic that interests you and raises certain feelings within you. It is also important that your persuasive essay topic deals with urgent matters, and interests people round you. Before getting down to writing a persuasive essay make sure you have enough relevant information for the essay.

A good persuasive essay topic could sound like:

1. Hate should not be tolerated;

2. The status of women in Islam is rather ambiguous;

3. Boxing should be banned because it promotes cruelty.

No matter which topic you will choose, you have to approach essay writing with full responsibility, seriousness, and accuracy.

2. Brainstorm and Define Your Point of View

Before writing an essay, brainstorm! It will help you come out with the conclusion for your persuasive essay topic and define your attitude on the matter you’ve chosen. You can try free writing, clustering or listing—anything that will be effective and helpful for you.

After thorough consideration and brainstorming you must be able to express clearly and convincingly why you have chosen this particular position on the subject of your persuasive essay.

3. Test Your Thesis

Your thesis statement, that is your point of view, should be debatable. Otherwise, there will be nothing to prove and nobody to convince. The best way to check whether your thesis is right is to write down a thesis statement directly opposing your own. If you find that possible, you may be sure that the argument for your persuasive essay is right up the street.

4. Understand Another Point of View

Try to step in your antagonists’ shoes and figure out what makes them think different. It is the proven way to counter the opposite point of view, since you will be able to provide contrasting evidence or find mistakes and inconsistencies in the logic of the opposing argument.

5. Study the Prospective Audience.

Be sure to know who will be reading your essay, so that to know what to press on. Try to decide if your audience agrees with you, is neutral, or disagrees with your persuasive essay topic. This choice will help you incline people to your point of view.

6. Use a Pleasant and Reasonable Tone

Antony did not call Brutus names, nor did he accuse him of the Caesar’ death. Instead, he called Brutus “an honourable man,” what turned out to be a brilliant way to pull him down.

Follow the same strategy in your persuasive essays. Use a pleasant and reasonable tone and avoid referring to yourself or addressing your readers. Be careful not to fly into temper and mix up your emotional attachment with your beliefs. Set your emotions aside and analyze all aspects of the persuasive essay topic.

7. Examine Your Persuasive Essay Topic

You need to know your persuasive essay topic from cover to cover if you want to add credibility to your words and make the readers trust you. That goes without saying.

Thus, to be an adept of you persuasive essay topic, use as many legitimate sources as possible. In order to find reliable information, go to the library or interview people who are experts on your persuasive essay topic. It’s also necessary to go beyond your own knowledge and experience.

8. Structure Your Persuasive Essay

Think over the structure of your essay. Make sure that your ideas are well-organized, clear, concise, and up-to-the-point. Try to design your essay by figuring out the order in which you will present your evidence.

Remember to consider your purpose, audience, and your topic while writing an essay. Do your best to give the readers the feeling that you are well-informed about the subject you are dwelling upon.

9. Provide Evidence for Your Arguments

Arguments must always use sound reasoning and solid evidence. Otherwise, you will not establish credibility of your case and lose your readers’ support. Therefore, make sure to use the following evidence for your arguments:

1. facts that come from your reading, observation, or personal experience;
2. statistics that come from responsible sources;
3. quotes from leading experts that support your point of view;
4. examples that will make your ideas concrete and be a proof of your ideas.

No matter which one you will choose to use, make sure the evidence is reliable and comes from original sources.

10. Present a Strong Conclusion in Your Essay help

Conclusion has the profound impact on the reader. A good conclusion brings the persuasive essay to the satisfying end when your readers hold the same point of view and are ready to defend your statements.

As you close your persuasive essay Computer Technology Articles, clearly redefine the topic and restate the most compelling evidence cited in original form. You should keep in mind that this is the last chance to remind the readers and convince them to accept your position.

Antony’s way to conclude the speech was to mention his devoted love to dead Caesar. It was the last stroke in his immortal speech that made Romans take drastic action against the conspirators. Use something as strong as that.

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Cause and Effect Essay

Cause-and-effect writing gives reasons and explanations for events, conditions, or behaviour. It answers the need most of us have to understand the world around us.

In this kind of essay help, the aim is to explain the reasons or the results of an event or situation, for examples, causes of air pollution (multiple factors leading to air pollution); or the results of watching too much TV.

Sometimes an event causes something to happen, and that situation leads to another event, and it causes another event to happen. This is called the causal chain or domino effect.

Students are required to have the ability to dissect a situation, to find the reasons or factors that made an event happen. However, in a student essay, it is advisable to keep the number of major points to 2 or 3, which form separate developmental paragraphs.

Before trying to analyze a situation to dissect all the factors and results of a situation, begin by listing the event or condition you want to address. Then brainstorm to generate ideas about either its factors or its outcomes. Do additional research on your topic if necessary.

Think carefully about the reasons and outcomes that you have listed. As part of prewriting you may find it helpful to diagram or demonstrate these relationships graphically. Check to be sure you have not drawn any faulty conclusions. Your conclusions are faulty if it is unreasonable or not clearly established.

Try to write out the outline first before proceed to writing your composition. You might even have to write down your points in more details and going through the points in details after that to make sure that your points are relevant and make sense to the readers.

To compose an issue critically and analytically would require you to be at least resourceful about the title that that you have to tackle in your paper as the paper might requires you to write more in depth with the subject matters. At the same time, the points that you ought to put into your paper might even reflect your understanding about the issue that you ought to write about.

The article explains or interprets why something had happened or what particularly had happened. You may open your paper with a famous outcome or situation and study what caused such a result. Another way of starting such an essay is to describe some event and then analyze its consequences.

There may be too many causes for you to cover in your essay and you are to choose the main for presenting them in the scope of your writing. You must explain the reader that there are some other minor reasons not mentioned in your essay. You must also decide whether you are writing to inform or to persuade the reader and choose your style of writing accordingly. Using supporting information will strengthen your essay. Feel free to provide the reader with factsBusiness Management Articles, give examples and so on. You may finish your cause and effect essay with a call for action.

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MBA admission essays

Ivy League admission officials revealed that the best chance of a candidate to get accepted lies in his application essay.
That is why your purpose in writing your MBA essay should be similar to the purpose of a college admission essay. Years back, weren't you thinking that your goal was to make your dream university think that you're a worthy student to walk through its halls? The same goes for the MBA application. Double the effort you exerted in writing your college application essay but think along the same lines. Below are reasons why MBA essays are not resumes or a reiteration of your grades and accomplishments.

Limited space is allotted for MBA application essays, so there is simply no space for unnecessary details. Skills and academic excellence are expected and commonplace in the competition. After all, no one in his right mind will aspire for an MBA if his brain dried out in college or in writing his college application essay. Your SAT scores and excellent academic records might have helped to get you in your dream college. Collegiate achievements undoubtedly have had a role to play in getting you a good job. But members of an MBA admission board are not to be steam-rolled by grades and professional history alone. If you're an overachiever, you are likely just one of the many overachievers trying to get into the same MBA program. You all have good academic records and professional accomplishments but impressive resumes don't really cut it in for the admissions board. There is no way to get accepted in an MBA program without distinguishing yourself from other applicants except in an MBA essay. So weeding out information like these is not only wise but practical.

Similar to how a college admission essay help is evaluated, MBA admission boards evaluate MBA essays for traits and non-academic qualities of the candidates. Obviously, personality is not measured in grades. The members of the board want ambition, honesty, maturity, diplomacy, and other traits in their students. They evaluate inter and intra-personal strengths in their potential students. They want dynamism and enthusiasm -- individuals who have interests outside the academe and actually experienced what it's like to live (if you want to be poetic about it). If you recall, your high school adviser gave you the same advice regarding your jargon habit and verbose essay. Do not repeat the same mistakes in your MBA essay. Flamboyant words take up too much space and a highly-technical language hides your personality which defeats the purpose of your MBA essay.

You might be surprised but Ivy League admission officials actually claim that the best essays they've read (read: those they accepted) often talks about a key memory, an important experience, a hobby - things the authors felt passionate about. The topics seem like the kinds people use in writing a college admission essay but they are highly effective for MBA application essays. The two are similar to each other although at varying levels. A college admission essay shows universities what a student wants to achieve and how they are influenced by the people around them. The same goes for the MBA; the board wants to see how you've matured because of your experiences. They are not interested in your high marks but how you achieved them. Or more likely, how you managed to have a life while performing excellently in academics. So take a deep breath and erase all resume info in your MBA essay. After allScience Articles, the resume is already part of your application.

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Expressing yourself on a freeway, write critical essays

Read and be heard write critical essays! It is such a bore to always accept and stay passive in everything that you read when you know deep inside you something is not accepting and is trying to voice out something. Man by nature has its own set of beliefs and accumulated philosophy in life. People process information by either rejecting or accepting it according to his individual context.

Critical essays are a simple expression of yourself where the author being criticize will review your feed backs and take to study any further developments in his article. Experiences and social environment differs and so is our witnessing in the different parts of history, the author will value simple critical analysis that might not be present and recognized in scholarly opinion but will prove to commence further studies.

The thesis statement of the critical essays seeks to reflect ones point of view regarding the work and how he is supposed to derive the answers to his queries and argument. An essay help is a reflection of a persons background, history, culture that requires to be written always in the first person singular form. It is a point of either totally agreeing or disagreeing with the authors point of view or on some of the events and phenomenon stated therein.

How do we do critical essay? We chop the article, analyze, contemplate on our findings and then we rationalize. In the discussion, one must be very specific with what you want to convey as to the objections or the agreements you've felt or thought of the article in discussion. Determine the overall impact of the authors views. Remember that this is an exposure of both you and the authors ethical, religious, and political value system extending to the architecture and structure of your respective social environments. Therefore aim to evaluate the authors manner of writing in an objective manner and never personalize and make any verbal assault on the person. Remember the object is critical analysis not a start of World War III.

In critical essay, we prove our beliefs by drawing evidence from the text itself. We further extract implied theories in the work but never violate the laws of ethics. It will be nice if we produce an interesting participative critical essay where we argue by the use of series of questions distributed throughout the body and give readers a chance to draw their own conclusions. The general idea of expression is exploration and discussion of findings that will lead readers into thinking and follow through to your conclusions and reflections. Critical essay means freedom to write what you feel and what you think Psychology Articles, never destructive and never insulting but always contemplating and being objective.

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Automated Essay Scoring

Automated Essay Scoring
A need for improved admissions screening to predict potential student academic success was identified in a strategic planning session of online academic institutions. There is an increased concern student retention problems are related to the admissions process at the universities. Faculty are concerned that the critical writing skills of students who are admitted are not adequately evaluated until after students are financially committed to the enrolling institution. The scope of this paper is to research, analyze and conduct a feasibility study of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) software that could be used to automate essay grading.


Student retention is a source of concern for all post secondary schools. Much research has been conducted on the subject to capture a clearer understanding of the mitigating causes of e-learning drop out rates. Retention rates have been found to be correlated to admissions standards.

With drop out rates of up to 35% in some online academic institutions (, 2004), it is imperative that the following areas of concern are addressed:

· learner readiness for online learning

· identification of the learner’s academic strengths and weaknesses

· learner academic, technical and administrative support.

There are two factors that directly affect retention rates of students, extrinsic factors (personal) and intrinsic factors (institutional). The extrinsic factors fall in the categories of financial, family, time commitment, professional obligations, subject matter interest, and academic preparation. The intrinsic factors that directly impact retention rates are the quality and availability of study materials, technical support, and academic support.

In order for a student to be successful in online education (Colby, 1986), the learner must exhibit competence in the following areas:

· self-directed learning (able to manage their own learning)

· metacognitive development (interact with the content)

· collaborative learning (interact with facilitators and classmates virtually).

These competencies are discussed extensively at most institutions during the intake interview conducted by enrollment and admissions counselors. Perspective students are informed about the time commitment associated with their program of study, the financial commitment, and of the impact attending an online university will have on them personally. However, these universities cannot evaluate the extrinsic factors affecting the potential success of students with the exception of academic preparation. It is imperative, however, that each university recognizes that student admissions standards are a fundamental element in predicting college success.

Intrinsically, a university has the ability to mitigate the flood of exiting students by implementing stricter admissions guidelines. Institution of a two step process to evaluate students could serve as a predictive measure of academic success. The use of cognitive and non-cognitive measures would create a more complete picture of the applicant. This aspect of evaluation allows for additional support for students and fosters academic success. It influences instructional strategies that can be most effective for individual learners achieving learning success at a distance. Non-cognitive admission indicators are very useful in predicting academic success (Colby, 1986). There is a high correlation between critical writing skills and academic success. The purpose of this study is to investigate the efficacy of a fully automated pre-entrance assessment (objective and summative) for predicting potential academic success of adult learners in an e-learning environment.

Current Practices:

Currently a screening assessment is distributed to applicants at most online institutions. The assessments evaluate four areas of student performance:

Critical Comprehension

Literal Comprehension

Composition Skills

Computation Skills

According to faculty the driving factor behind success in an online environment is the written communication of ideas. This skill is critical to success in all academic programs. Currently, the first indication of critical writing skills is not demonstrated by the student at most on-line institution until they enter their first course. The student enters the university with a false sense of security in their potential academic performance in whatever program they have entered. It is far too late at this point to assess their writing skills and identify their “fit” in the university. The student is now financially obligated and has plowed through their first course often floundering. Advisors are then stuck with the task of recommending courses that hopefully will meet the needs of the student. There is a great potential for students to enter with less than minimal writing skills that will haunt them the rest of their time with an institution. Faculty immediately recognize from the first writing samples which students will struggle from the beginning to make academic progress. Faculty strongly urges that a writing component be added to the screening assessment during the application phase.

The purpose of the essay component of the screening assessment would be to measure certain writing aptitudes. Essays accurately portray a student’s current knowledge base and present a snapshot of their writing and cognitive organization skills. Essay assessments require a student to create their own unique answers rather than choosing from a list of provided response options as well as demonstrating quality of writing. Essays assess non-cognitive qualities and are useful tools for identifying deficiencies in writing skills Critical writing skills are a predictive measure of online success.

The potential benefit of a two part screening assessment to each university is far reaching. The proposed screening tool using in-place automation would give admissions counselors immediate feedback for selection purposes. The proposed new instrument would provide a consistent, objective, and unbiased evaluation of student performance in five areas instead of the current four. The specific feedback with more focused skill analysis would be a valuable tool to identify a potential student’s overall writing ability thus giving academic advisors and enrollment counselors an early indication of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. This demonstration of the student’s writing skills would assist the advisor in recommending appropriate placement in remedial, basic college composition courses or an immediate recommendation for a language and communications competency exam.

The implementation of an outcomes based admissions assessment would help align admission standards with each university’s mission. The mission is to ensure that every minimally competent applicant admitted receives an opportunity for success. The ultimate effectiveness of this assessment would be measured by the increased matriculation rates of on-line post secondary students.

Latent Semantic Analysis

Implementation of an essay assessment during the admissions application process has the potential of being a labor intensive and costly proposition. The need for an assessment component to identify and screen for critical writing skills is a crucial part in predicting an applicant’s potential success. Currently there are several software products that automate essay scoring. This software is designed using algorithms that are designed specifically for analyzing statistical data and content information from pre-programmed domains of knowledge or a “gold standard” essay (Page, 1994). The algorithm used is Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA). LSA analyzes an essay for the following components:

· Syntactic Variety – LSA using parser technology identifies specific syntactic structures

Ø Subjunctive auxiliary verbs

Ø Clausal structures – compliments, infinitives, and subordinate clauses

Ø Ambiguity

· Discourse Analysis – identifies a conceptual framework of conjunctive relationships cued by specific language constructions

Ø Discourse markers- words or phrases that indicate direction

Ø Conjunctions (and, or, but, nor, etc)

Ø Pragmatic Particles

· Content Vector Analysis – weighted words proportioned to word usage


· Lexical Complexity Features – identifies the frequency of a number of word forms that may exist for use in different syntactic roles.

Ø Range

Ø Frequency

Ø Morphological vocabulary complexity (prefixes, free stem words, bound root words, form and meaning, how the forms combine)

· Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics –identifies errors in subject-verb agreement, verb form, punctuation, and typos.

· Confusable Words – homophones

· Undesirable Style – passive voice, repetition, etc.

· Discourse Elements – introduction, thesis statement, main idea, supporting details, conclusion.

LSA scores for information content versus factors in the quality of the writing. It looks for strong relationships between semantic content and the quality of the writing using a component scoring system. LSA is an effective tool for scoring and commenting essays by providing accurate judgments of the internal consistency of a text compared to the actual quality of the writing. This computational model provides evaluation on a secure server, scores that are an accurate measure of essay quality, and scores as precisely as a human rater. The scores can be delivered in two ways:

* Holistic Scoring: - a single score based on the overall (quality) impression of an essay.
* Componential Scoring – an analytical scoring of multiple facets of an essay scored in the areas of coherence, punctuation, topic coverage, etc.

Either method of scoring provides a highly consistent and objective assessment of critical writing skills. Feedback of results is totally automated and is specifically articulated in a scoring guide. The scoring guides are linked to established writing standards and give an overall view of student writing skills.

Many post secondary institutions have already implemented automatic scoring using LSA software to evaluate student writing. ETS uses e-rater and c-rater to assess the volumes of essay assessments they administer in the GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL exams. They use authentic topics developed by in-house assessment development experts that meet stringent assessment specification guidelines. ETS has successfully scored over two million assessments (Washington Post, 2004). The Rand Corporation’s Institute for Education and Training uses e-rater for measuring analytical reasoning in their program. Other colleges and universities using LSA technology for automated essay grading are Azusa Pacific, Baylor College of Medicine, The Citadel, University of Maryland, University of Oklahoma, and the University of Illinois, to list a few.

Besides ETS’s e-rater and c-rater (Criterion) products, there are many other LSA assessment products used around the globe. Intelligent Essay Assessor (IEA), developed by Thomas Landauer (University of Colorado, Boulder doctoral candidate who first conceptualized and authored LSA programs) and Peter Foltz (New Mexico State University Professor), is distributed by Pearson Knowledge Technology. The University Of Colorado School Of Technologies uses IEA to assess student essays in the Physical Sciences/Engineering/Information department ( .

Project Essay Grader, distributed by The Vantage Learning Corporation, is used by Indiana University, Purdue University, and Indianapolis University to assess their perspective students in a one hour admissions/placement essay exam.

Perception’s QuestionMark assessment product line has an essay grader that fully integrates with their Perception automated data base. The U.S. Air Force’s Air Education Training Command Unit currently uses QuestionMark’s essay grader to assess some certification tests (

Application of LSA

Question Mark uses an online platform for delivery of all objective assessments. The delivery system is fully automated on a secure server. The assessments are delivered to the student, scored, recorded, and a snapshot of information (assessment results and individual component results) is disseminated to the assessment administrator in a span of 30 seconds. Question Mark’s essay grader component can provide the same immediate feedback tailored to individual university assessment needs. It is a fully automated, touchless system that reports scores not only to the university but can even direct the feedback to the student via an email response.

Statistical analysis of composition has been conducted for over thirty years. LSA is proven to grade to 85% rater reliability compared to 80% rater reliability between two human judges. The computer is capable of completing the task in significantly less time (20-25 second elapsed rating time average). Humans are influenced by many external factors in their rating of essays; time available to grade, reader bias, etc. The greater burden of using human graders is the added expense that is eventually passed on to the student in the form of tuition and fees. By instituting a fully automated essay help assessment in the admissions process, the enrollment counselors in conjunction with the appropriate academic assessment development team could better identify potentially successful students for writing intensive programs. The cost factors involved would be minimal due to in-house assessments developed by QuestionMark. The essay grader does not require incurring extra fees for its use. The current version of QuestionMark requires minor reconfigurations to accommodate the essay grader component of their software. An automated component scoring system would provide accurate unbiased judgment of writing quality and would be an effective tool for scoring and commenting essays of perspective students.

The student admission experience is an essential factor in college essay. The direct implications of incorporating a battery of admissions evaluations (intake interview, objective assessment, and an essay demonstrating critical writing skills) are extensive. With a more complete picture of each applicant, universities would have more information to correlate student admission scores with predicting potential academic success. Additionally, academic advisors could immediately identify those students who required some form of writing remediation and recommend a course of action for academic support. The effectiveness of implementing new admission standards would ensure that every minimally competent student admitted to the university would have an equal opportunity to succeed in the e-learning environment.

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Interview essay

An interviewer should formulate his questions in advance and include as many open-ended questions as possible (open-ended questions are those beginning with “what”, “when”, “where”, “who”, “why”, and “how”). Some open-ended questions prepared in advance may diminish the pauses in conversation.

An interviewer should avoid asking too many personal questions, and rather concentrate upon the primary topic of the interview. Also, an interviewer should politely interrupt the protracted or rambling responses by asking more precise questions. The collected information should be organized in the form of essay help.

The interview essay should contain the information about the interviewee, followed by the formulation of the discussed topic and explanation why this topic is important for the interviewer. An interview paper may also retell the parts of conversation that seem important for the interviewer, as they explain the selected topic. It is preferable that the interview is represented by an indirect speech Science Articles, and only important expressions are quoted. The paper should be concluded by the formulation of the overall opinion and final conclusion about the subject of an interview.

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ProfEssays has recently accomplished a second stage of its research campaign.

Custom essay writing company ProfEssays has recently accomplished a second stage of its research campaign which is designed to unearth new demands and tendencies arousing in the custom writing market. The team of experts involved in this work has conducted a series of polls among students of different educational establishments. This time the investigation was focused on the group of students ignoring custom essay writing companies.

Custom essay writing company ProfEssays has recently accomplished a second stage of its research campaign which is designed to unearth new demands and tendencies arousing in the custom writing market. The team of experts involved in this work has conducted a series of polls among students of different educational establishments. This time the investigation was focused on the group of students ignoring custom essay help companies.

The received results enabled them to claim that up to 22% of the students, who prefer not to turn to custom essay writing services, act this way only due to fears of consequences they'll have to face in case their ordered custom essays or papers turn out to be plagiarized. About 69 % of the respondents from this group replied that they always complete their written assignments themselves and would be doing so in future. However, even these students admitted having difficulties in the process of conducting researches and seeking for necessary sources and information. The direct question: "Whether you would accept the professional assistance in gathering relevant data for your papers and essays?" was answered in the affirmative by 44% of those embraced by the poll. Such figures spoke in the favor of forming another service aimed at rendering reference sources and conducting researches for book reports, custom essays, term papers, academic papers, college admission papers etc. Having deliberated on the collected facts and conducted studies the management of ProfEssays has made a decision to create one. The appointed executives fulfilled all the necessary preparations, analysed methodological aspects of the future service, expanded ProfEssays access to libraries and informational resources including those requiring payments. The important part of their job consisted in selecting new experts in this field. All newly recruited members of service are university graduates; many of them hold a Master's or PhD degree in their field. All these factors, as ProfEssays team hopes, will contribute to forming a new top-quality service satisfying this existing demand in the custom essay writing market. In the meanwhile ProfEssays also continues to perfect and develop traditional services such as producing authentic and original custom essays, custom term papers, custom academic papers, custom admission essays, custom research papers, compositions, book reportsFree Reprint Articles, case studies. All the pieces of writing are in strict compliance with provided assignments. All they are delivered by the indicated deadline.

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Choosing Best Custom Essay Writing Service

If you are a student and searching for ways to complete your essay writing task quickly and efficiently; essay writing service can definitely help you in this situation. There are many benefits of choosing a professional writing service for your academic requirements, to name a few, see the following:

1. You can manage: Your time and money better than any other way. Due to strict completion among writing service providers it is a win-win situation for students because they get premium quality service at very competitive rates that are usually defined as per the complexity level of student.

2. You are provided: Unique and original material that is specially written in consideration of your academic essay writing requirement.

3. You can monitor: Progress of your custom writing, since many writers provide status of your order. In some cases, if you provide your service provider a sample of your witting, they can even modify custom essays to give it your writing touch!

It seems all fine with outsourcing your essay help task, however, there are some very important points that you must consider before choosing a service provider in order to increase your chances of success in your academic venture. Following are the points:

1. Range of topics: Covered by a service provider is a big question that you must ensure before ordering. Search for the qualification of writers working for the service provider can help your understand level of service quality and field of specialization, so that you can take a decision whether or not go with them. Most writers provide sample essays to get students familiar with their style of writing.

2. Accessibility to the writing resource: Is another key question that you must ask before placing your order. It can help you to make sure that your order is going in direction as per your directions and academic requirementsPsychology Articles, as wells as it can minimize waste of time that usually students suffer due to re-work after completion of order.

3. Non-Plagiarized and unique content: Is the most important of all questions that you have to check. Always make sure that your service provider is not selling same material to other clients. It can badly hurt your reputation and can even lead to disqualification from your academic sessions!

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